Firing Off Kansas City Tuesday Night Links

Late night tribute to pr0n star Lisa Ann along with some of the best news items for consideration this evening . . .

Odds In Favor Of Kansas City

AFC Wild Card preview 2018: Why Titans don't stand a chance against the Chiefs

After Week 13, the Tennessee Titans were 8-4 and tied with the Jacksonville Jaguars atop the AFC South. Three straight losses later, the Titans had dropped to 8-7 and their playoff hopes would come down to the regular-season finale against -- you guessed it, the Jags -- and along with it, coach Mike Mularkey's job.

Fake News From The Ousted Mayor

KCK firefighters were paid nearly $1 million for shifts they didn't work

An analysis by the Unified Government blasts shift trading practices by Kansas City, Kan., Fire Department, saying it results in an unsafe work environment and fire fighters being paid for work they didn't do. Outgoing UG Mayor Mark Holland calls the practice "widespread corruption."

Swatting Call For Justice

Family of 'swatting' victim wants Kansas officer who fired fatal shot charged

WICHITA, Kan. - The family of a Kansas man fatally shot at the door of his home after a hoax emergency call wants the police officer who killed him criminally charged for his death, their attorney said Tuesday.

Small Life For Local Veterans In Need

Group hopes to house homeless veterans in tiny homes by end of January

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Workers are making headway on the city's first village for homeless veterans. "It's actually amazing. These guys were out here when it was about three below this morning knocking away, but again, this is what it takes to make sure we house our veterans," Veterans Community Project Co-Founder Brandon Mixon said.

Better Offer For Hometown Hero

Report: Hosmer has seven-year offer from San Diego

A week after two reports indicated first baseman Eric Hosmer had a six-year deal on the table from the San Diego Padres, a new report says Hosmer has a seven-year offer from the club. According to Bob Nightengale of USA today, the Padres have extended a seven-year deal to Hosmer, a free agent who has played his entire career with the Royals.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


  1. It's no secret what goes on with the fireman and if they do a little more digging they may just find some more things that need to come to light. AND, maybe some enterprising, enthusiastic journalist might do some digging into KCMO fire

    1. The only problem with that is, there aren’t enough literate people in KCK to read a newspaper and Kansas City doesn’t have any journalists.

  2. 10:11 - touche'


  3. Democrat greedy Firefighter Union slobs scamming the taxpayers.

  4. 10:36 your just jealous because you work at McDonald’s! Lol!

    Go get you one of them Democrat greedy firefighter union scam jobs if you got the balls!


    As Lisa Ann massaged my Magnum from it's holster, she said I was just her caliber!!!

  6. Swatters:

    Family needs to understand that the Wichita cops did as they were trained to do. I have seen the video and listened to the 911 tape, cops responded to the information they had thanks to a california dumbass gamer. The Gamer needs to be brought to Kansas and tried for first degree murder, not the cops.

  7. Mark Holland is one sad sack of shit. The good rev forgot to turn the other cheek! He's just pissed he picked a fight and lost, and he's too stupid to realize he alienated most of the folks who actually go out and vote in the Dotte. Good riddance.

  8. Charge that cop.......1/3/18, 9:55 AM

    The fucking cop needs to be held accountable for having a hair trigger. Bottom line, when you are standing in a door wearing pants hanging down your crack and you reach to pull them up, YOU COULD GET KILLED.

    Then it's open season on hoodrats. "They were reaching for a gun". 9:51 you sound like a pastry munching cop.

  9. This murder in Wichita. The guy who was shot was blameless, thus it is a death with out cause. The murder needs to be placed on the perpetrator and the executioner. This murder had two "causes" without either the man would still be alive.

  10. The day cops get away with using a phone call from California as an excuse to murder someone BLM wins. Lets have some God Damn justice here and stop trying to pack ten pounds of shit into a five pound bag. If Wichita is training people to spin nut scratching into justification for murder then the whole fucking crew needs to be strung up.

  11. @1:27 I'm with you there.


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