Friday, January 19, 2018

Firing Off Kansas City Friday Links

These stories are worth sharing but didn't really fit anywhere else . . . Still, they're worth putting on blast as another glimpse of local life.


Lesson In Futility: KCPS wants parents input on future of KC schools

Local Crackdown: KC man found guilty of distributing crack cocaine, gun charges

Kansas City Tech Resilience: KC’s Amazon HQ2 proposal team already eyeing another pitch for tech giant Apple

Local Education Secrecy Follow-Up: Radioactive Cancer-Causing Gas Discovered in Elementary School in Kansas City And Parents Weren't Told

Local Squalor Report: Angry Kansas City renters living in apartments reeking of sewage with no hot water

Kansas City Cash Legacy: Big donors have personal reasons for giving to Children's Mercy

Cowtown Changing Times: The American Royal will be making its move to Wyandotte County, Kansas, after being rooted in Kansas City, Missouri since 1899.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Why would you still live in an apartment building that has had a broken water pipe for almost a year and a half? You wouldn’t, more black lies matters is exactly what this is.

Anonymous said...

Why haven't these people gone straight to the health dept. It's illegal not to have hot water for your tenants and also living above raw sewage???? They needed to go over this mans head long ago!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the gal in the top pic with the rotary gun is the one Greiten's got the picture of. I mean they're both posing with the big guns. In that case, I gotta say its hard to be mad at him. But I also gotta say, TTIWWOP

Anonymous said...

Nope, @ 9:21, the gal in the top picture isn't a chubby little hairdresser from a small town.

She wouldn't be dazzled by a lying piece of shit con man's unbelievable crap. I'm afraid that only works on small town hicks, but unfortunately the GOP has gerrymandered this State so badly that those same hicks (44% of the voters) control 63% of all State-wide Election results, so we get disgraces like we have in office now.

Anonymous said...


Hairdressers appreciate men with big guns!!!

Anonymous said...

Bye Bye, ZombieRoyal - sorry to tell you this, but the "Johnson County Rodeo" died when the FFA Convention left town, it just hadn't fallen over until now.

See you five years from now - NOT!

Anonymous said...

Guys with big guns don't have to blindfold their bimbos so they won't start laughing when the pants come off!

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with 10:23 a.m. on the Amurican's time to move that cow & pony show to southern JoCo where all the patrons live. Has anyone actually attended the royal for anything other than the rodeo? Git along little dogie.

Anonymous said...

American Royal.....just one of many adventures of George Guestello that ends up in ashes. Union Station is bleeding taxpayers daily. How much longer will taxpayer foot the bill on a giant shit hole for mummies ? Fuck the Toy Train, it pails in comparison to Union Station as a taxpayer toilet flushing money daily. Guestello will suck anyone's cock that will provide him with a salary paid by taxpayers. Those Chamber folk in Lawrence knew something when they would not even interview the ass clown.