Friday, January 19, 2018

Feds Capture Suspect Accused Of Rubbing JoCo Massage Therapists The Wrong Way

Touching suburban scare story worth a peek if only send shivers up spines of a growing number of locals paid to get handsy with their customer. Checkit:

Undercover investigation leads to arrest of man accused of vandalism, terrifying massage therapists

After several women reported a disturbing pattern of vandalism and stalking, federal investigators started an undercover investigation into a man suspected of destroying property and terrifying massage therapists. Victims say Robert J. Gross took off all his clothing and refused to leave a massage therapy business until one of the women flagged down a stranger for help.


Anonymous said...

That's gross!

Anonymous said...

Se, this is what can happen if you let a fetish for overweight Vietnamese women get out of hand.

Anonymous said...

Leave the guy alone. They need to close these fake ass massage parlors that refuse to provided the happy ending. Do these bitches really think a guy shows ups for a small towel, shit smelling lotion and to listen to these broads bitch about their boyfriends and husbands? Jesus, how stupid.