Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Democratic Party Talking Point Transcription: Kansas City Dead-Tree Media RAGE Against Missouri Senate Contender AG Josh Hawley Speaking Out Against Human Trafficking!!!

Translation . . .


To be fair, here's just a bit of proof that the Missouri AG isn't so bright and might not be up to the task of competing against a seasoned politico and all of the media resources she has at her disposal . . . Like it or not, an establishment Republican can't win with only the help of right-wing spam sites and silly mailers.

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Report: Missouri AG Blames Sex Trafficking On 'The Sexual Revolution'

Missouri attorney general Josh Hawley (R) last month blamed the state's "human trafficking crisis" on the sexual revolution of the 1960s, the Kansas City Star reported Wednesday. Citing audio it obtained of Hawley's remarks at a "Pastors and Pews" event in December 2017, the Kansas City Star reported that Hawley said "the sexual revolution has led to exploitation of women on a scale that we would never have imagined, never have imagined."


Anonymous said...

Almost as bad as Akin

Anonymous said...

Where do the repubtards get these losers? Jeez, can't any of these dummies keep their ignorant mouths shut till after the election?

Anonymous said...

The KC Star editorial board is irrelevant and divisive.
The affirm the left and aggravate any one left reading on the right.
Short their stock and contribute to their demise.

Anonymous said...

6:28 is right and funny.
The last time I read the paper was when my neighbor woke up late.

Anonymous said...

Who in their right mind would ever be influenced by the KC Star’s editorial board?
What a waste of stockholder’s money.
Demand their board be dissolved and put reporters where the stories are... opinions are a dime a dozen on the Internet.

Tracy Thomas said...

6:59, that is the money line.
Why aren't Kraske and Helling doing full time reporting???
Too busy being on KCUR and KCPT??

Anonymous said...

Victim blaming is fine if the victims deserve it.

"Liberated" sluts have created this environment.

Most teenagers look and act like adults anyway. 14 year olds look like their going on 21. Are guys supposed to check IDs now?

Anonymous said...

I'm for a good distraction as anyone. Blame the messenger is a great tactic.

But the Star isn't the problem here. The audio was run on a Christian radio station. Another GOP candidate made the criticism. These links are getting shared on facebook. Where does the Star even figure into this? They just compiled all this material making the rounds in GOP circles, asked for comments and printed. Blame the messenger can work, but the Senate candidate is the bad messenger in this case.

It's apparent the GOP doesn't have a deep bench once you eliminate the sexist and racist guys. Akin redux is coming. Ignore it at your own peril.

Anonymous said...

Yup. No matter what else happens, people just keep on fucking. Sounds to me like he hit the nail on the penis head.