Thursday, January 11, 2018

Council Dude Wagner's Wife Booted From Edgemoor Contract After #BetterKCI FAIL

Credit where it's due . . . A great bit of bookkeeping on the many conflicts involved in the sausage-making of the new airport that will INEVITABLY INCLUDE A CUSHY SEAT AT THE TABLE FOR BURNS & MAC . . . Before they went full advertorial, The Pitch deserves credit for being the first to call out this not so fun fact.

You decide:

Mayor Pro Tem's wife bounced from construction firm PR job after vote against Edgemoor

It was either political payback or a prudent business decision. On the morning of Dec. 15, Laura Ray Wagner got a phone call from Bill Clarkson, Jr., head of Clarkson Construction and a partner with Edgemoor, the developer struggling to win the contract for construction of the new single terminal at KCI.


Anonymous said...

I thought Wagner was doinking one of the former city council hotties. Am I mistaken?

Anonymous said...

All these KCI airport players are in bed with each other, literally and figuratively.

Anonymous said...

@3:16, I mean, if you have some of those magic pills you could probably do it two or three times a day.

Anonymous said...

I use to sell to Clarkson and there is definitely a quid pro quo in their purchasing contracts.

Anonymous said...

Wait til more details come out about how the pork was carved up. This fight is not nearly over.