Comment Troll Called 'Byron Funkhouser' Threatens 'To Start War' With TKC

Quick note about the cost of free speech and some of you d-bags not having any fun in the comments.


Normally, we find that the best policy is to ignore trolls and their antics but outright threats of violence need to at least be documented.

Like it or not, TKC REMAINS THE LAST FREE SPEECH ZONE IN KANSAS CITY and we offer a more diverse collection of viewpoints than any other news or social media outlet in town.

But it's not a free-for-all and never has been . . . We constantly fight against SPAM and address illegal comments as quickly as humanly possible with help from tech partners. Still, the priority is always on making it easy for readers to have their say.

TKC values pithy, passionate, articulate and insider info above all.

Comments are supposed to be FUN and this post is simply a reminder that only lame, humorless and constantly angry people take the content of a comment forum too seriously and realize they're just a part of the TKC Blog Community tribute to the 1st Amendment. 

You decide . . . 


  1. Hey now.

    I thought "byron" was a liberal and against a formal declaration of war!

    He sounds almost as cray as that guy who keeps pushing for the blogger to commit suicide which would leave him friendless.

    Classy bunch here TK!

    1. I can take or leave Byron. He has some good comments sometimes but he obviously hangs out too much on TKC and seems to try and make every thread about him.

      Do we need to have a Byron post every day so that he can get the kind of attention that he requires and leave the rest of us to discuss more important issues?

    2. ^^^

      A bit to generous but I get it.

      Even trolls have their place. Frankly, I feel sorry for the guy. Seems like somebody who wants a lot of attention but doesn't have any place to get it in his own life. Sad.

  2. I have nothing.

  3. Wear your thick hides today boys ! We gotta skirmish commn..

  4. Is Esmie gonna be the "ring girl?"
    (You know, the Vegas style gals with the round number on a giant poster, and they make their way thru the crowd to announce which round is next?)

    Does Monty Summers still operate that sensational private boxing club NW of the Edge of Hell? I went to an event there once, sensational style, six local boxers competed, blood was flying, it was the real deal.

    If we're gonna have a Roman brawl, let's do this in style.

    Or maybe Esmie fights Byron. In which case, we leave our cars running for the quick knockout, so we return to our toasty carriages never having checked our hats and coats and mittens...

    Big Sonia does the blessing afterward. Having arrived with a dozen Lansing prison inmates who conduct a session about turning their lives around...and then Esmie joins Big Sonia's other circle of reformed citizens, some of the 1675 teenage girls who have Big Sonia Love Is All There Is circles. (You guys HAVE seen the movie, right?).

    i agree with 5:42--could be a tough re-entry for many back to civilization. This holiday, coupled with rampant flu, was a bit too long. Everyone's on edge. Testy. Has Trump started a war yet?

  5. ^^^ Tracy. You crack me up! You are a Kansas City metro treasure!

  6. She's a wack job for sure.

    Montys fight club...15+ years ago?

  7. Getting to the bottom of Byron's "Daddy" issues would take a legion of psychologists and an exothermic torch. It is, in no way, worth the effort.

    The depth of his ethnomasochistic self hatred is a tribute to the powers of the Progressive Media to influence those soft headed, wet by every rain, blown by every wind acolytes who sit in rapt attention and salute the Socialist slogans of MSNBC and elitist Thought Leaders everywhere.

    Byron thinks he wants the end of the "Rule Of Law". He believes the the deal he made with the devil will spare him from the devil.

    During any real violence and "war", Byron will cut and run and the Devil won't kill him last, he will kill him first.

    The high point of Byron's day, is jerking off to Don Lemon.

  8. Can we clap forward? Is Don Lemon his Ram?

  9. Ha!...Listening to chuck trying to psychoanalyze someone else is hilarious!!!! Dude, you have so many bats in your belfry, you consider it a victory if you make it home at night! "Physician heal thyself!"

  10. ^^^^^^^

    Isn't that what you're doing to Chuck??? And how did you listen to Chuck? I think what you mean is, you read Chuck trying to analyze someone.

    My opinion, Chuck's comment is pretty funny and he does describe Byron pretty good.

  11. Ban him and if he claims censorship Tony would have various SCOTUS decisions on his side. C Ya' Byron.

  12. I'm pretty sure that Byron's threat to go to war was literally metaphorical, in a figurative sense. Anyway, who would beat up a cripple?

  13. Byron is smarter than Tony, and Tony knows it. Tony is scared, like that other Alt Right guy who posted himself crying on YouTube.

  14. 8:47 Really? OMG! He's not a cripple, cripples work.

  15. I think it's time to ask if Tracy is not the new Byron.

    Her comments were at one time interesting, as were Byron's in the pre-dementia days.

    Lately, though, in spite of opposing ad hominem posts, Tract has been posting ad hominem attacks on her neighbor(s), her HOA president, and whoever she's pissed off du jour.

    Additionally, she seems prone to tell everyone how to do their jobs, from Tony to Charles Ferruzza, and, frankly, as those who remember the early dementia Byron will recall, Byron was always posting how Tony should do his job.

    I'll continue to read Tracy's posts, since she sometimes has something interesting to contribute, but I'd suggest she review her New Year's resolutions and maybe stick to them and remembers no one cares about her old lawsuits, her problems in Coleman Highlands, her escapeto JOCO, or her problems in her new neighborhood.

  16. Byron is Tony's sock puppet, there's no way else

  17. What a bullshit story. First the Bilerun Funkenshyster entity is fully under the control of Tony himself. Second comments generally get deleted for one reason and that is Tony is manic and wants to remove those who don't fully support or even buy into his twisted ass bullshit perspectives. Lets stop trying to shove ten pounds of shit into a five pound bag already.

  18. Good riddance.

  19. Dear commenter:

    The war's already over.

    We decided to turn TKC into a racist shithole.

    We won.

    But have at it.

  20. Byron Funkhouser1/2/18, 12:36 PM

    So, you decided to be passive aggressive.

    What a chicken shit response.

    I did not threaten violence you fucking pussy.

    The "war" was me posting comments & you deleting them.

    You'll probably delete this comment as well, since this is a free speech zone.

  21. Oh so tempting. I'd pay Tony $2 to just tell Byron to stop posting. But then I recall that "Peanuts/Snatch the Football Cartoon"...

    But worth a try...cmon Tony!

  22. Byron Funkhouser1/2/18, 12:49 PM

    Mind your own business, Tracy.

    Apparently Tony isn't a man, just a pussy who still lives with his mother.

  23. Byron Funkhouser1/2/18, 1:10 PM

    A commenter calling himself Byron Funkhouser

    You know that's my name & that I am who I say I am.

    We have exchanged several emails.

    More passive aggressive bullshit.

    My opinion of you has hit an all time low, as also your creature Chuck.

    That's what started this. I called your favorite racist an idiot. You changed my name to anonymous & moved the comment down the tread so that it wasn't readily apparent that I was referring to Chuck.

    I'm sure I'll read about you in the news before you read about me.

    Good-bye asshole.

    And don't forget to delete these comments because this is a free speech zone.

  24. ^^^ Take your meds Byron. You are not wanted here. Please take a hint and piss off.

  25. Byron Funkhouser1/2/18, 1:15 PM

    Fuck you, too.

    Only anonymous pussies are wanted here.

    I'm not on any meds. Try again, coward.

  26. Byron,

    You have obviously found your soulmate.

  27. Really like Peter's comment.

    Now go the fuck away Byron!

  28. KKK FROM RAYTOWN1/2/18, 2:16 PM

    No censorship, allow the nigs to show there stupidness

  29. LOL, grammatically challenged KKK'er!
    The possessive is THEIR, NOT THERE.

    You might have been out lynching the day your teacher taught that...

    Was it an excused absence??

  30. OMG! The KKK from Raytown is too much!! You can't make this stuff up. "stupidness", "there". Jesus Christ, I can't stop laughing. Dude "nigs" are not the reason your life sucks! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  31. "Comment Troll"... now that has to be some of the most accurate items TKC has ever reported. LMAO!

  32. Why is this even an issue? Let it slide Tony, you look like an ass giving this dude attention.

  33. Better title: Byron BE GONE!

  34. To:Byron Funkhouser
    Jan 2 at 10:12 AM
    I guess I was somehow blind copied on this missive. I had a similar confrontation with a blog Hoster recently. Eventually, I decided that, yes, I was superior to that cretin in any moral or intellectual realm one might consider. And, because of his inferiority he was just never, ever going to get it. Therefore, I exited his realm — he is welcome to his fiefdom and the miserable little sycophants who populate it. There is no point arguing with a fool.

    I was having revenge fantasies against this guy and my health was suffering. I was the victim of cyber bullying. But, then I realized that my participation in the exchange was voluntary.

    Yes, I was attempting to push back the Veil of Ignorance in this world, and that is as noble as hell, but this guy had no interest in finding Truth. His ‘reason for being’ was simply to cause discord, to be in a fight, to bully. The topic, the logic, the morality of it does not matter to the bully. They get a “charge” and a “hit” by battling, and by battling only, regardless of the sense of it. YOU CAN NEVER TALK SENSE TO THESE PEOPLE. EVER.

    I CAN help dispel Ignorance in this world. So can you. But, only to those who are ready to receive it. Not to fools.

    Come to think of it my (ex-)boss was the same way, and that is why I left my job. It is a situation that can never be fixed, because the Other is always seeking to prolong the battle. Even when they pretend to go along and help try to find a resolution they are lying, ... they have just manipulated the field so that the argument now becomes about the terms of resolution ... but it is still a continuation of arguing !

    This (apparently) has also happened to you. The letter you copied to me is not about any particular issue, it is an argument about how to have your argument. (You have better things to do with your life than to fall into that trap.)

    Why did I keep going back to that website? Because it is an addiction. I get a “hit” by ‘proving’ my superiority. It’s just like heroin (I imagine). After failing to stay away from that site by willpower, I eventually solved it by going into the ‘parental controls’ in my browser and blocking the website. It worked (mostly- there was still some backsliding).

    Tony does not need you. You do not need Tony. Stay away.

    “Men” do fight. Be a “Man”, if you like.

    “Sages”, on the other hand, watch the men fighting below them.


  35. Great advice @5:38


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