Thursday, January 18, 2018

Coming Soon: Retro Sounds @ The K

Press release teaser and a minor stop on a national tour for a highly touted b-list performer . . .

Concert coming to Kauffman Stadium for first time in 39 years

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For the first time in 39 year, Kauffman Stadium will host a concert. The Royals did not say when it will be or who the concert will feature, but they did say the headliner will be announced Friday, Jan. 19 at 10 a.m.


Anonymous said...

Because they know ticket sales will suck and looking to make some extra cash.

Anonymous said...

I heard it's gonna be John Fogerty, who's already said that he'll be breaking out his Louisville Slugger guitar for "Centerfield" and will also be joined by fan favorite Alex Gordon to ham it up with him on background vocals.

Should make for some truly amazing scenes.

Anonymous said...

I hope it is a rap concert. That way KILLA CITY can up those murder numbers big time all in one setting. Re-name Royals Drive or Arrowhead Drive College Ave, Agnes, Montgall, et al for the evening.

Anonymous said...

Will it be Huey Lewis? Maybe George will play the saxophone again, like he did in'87 at Kemper. Brett blows...uh, good, sax!

Anonymous said...

My guess is the Zac Brown Band. They just sold out 2 Fenway shows and have several other ballparks lined up.

Both Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters are also touring baseball stadiums this summer and would be the other logical potential bookings.

Both Huey Lewis and George Brett are now casino lounge acts. Nothing wrong with that. It's been decades since either has had any hits.

Over the decades their appeal has just gotten more... selective.