Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Check The Scattered Dead-Tree Progressive Media Agenda For Next Kansas City Mayor

Helling can't seem to make up his mind priorities for Kansas City so instead he offers this laundry list without much of a viewpoint but still supporting the social justice work touted by cowtown politicos in lieu of more tangible local progress -

'Ban the box' is just a start: KC's next mayor must strengthen struggling neighborhoods

In the late 1990s, Johnny Waller made a serious mistake: He was caught with illegal drugs. He was charged with intent to sell the drugs, pleaded guilty and went to prison. Today, Waller is 40 years old, has two children and lives in Kansas City. He's studying for an MBA.


Anonymous said...

Hey let's try something new, elect a Republican that will call the president on the phone and get some federal interest in the cities needs.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

^^^^^ No shit, no more tax spending, tax increasing, sanctuary city loving democrat idiots.

Anonymous said...

Dave Helling, like the majority of Kansas City Star Editorial Board members, just loves loves loves to dish out advice and wisdom to Kansas City MO!

Only problem? He, like most of his colleagues, DO NOT live in KCMO.

Helling I recall is a product of the Shawnee Mission School District, and still currently resides in JOHNSON COUNTY KANSAS. The Golden Ghetto. The economic miracle made possible by Conservative Republicans practicing sound fiscal policies. You know, the opposite of that found in KCMO.

Just the same, I'm sure it's fun for Rachel Maddow's footstool to lecture KCMO on how to do a better job.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful KC philosophy. You expect your city to bend to accommodate criminals and then you can't seem to grasp why you have so damn much crime. How about demanding the thugs toe the line or hang in the fucking city square?