Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Celebrate More Northland Apartment Living

The fastest growing part of the city continues to offer more rentals and living space for residents who have low expectations when it comes to commuting times and/or cultural amenities. Read more:

Proposed Apartments and Self Storage at Green Hills and Old Tiffany Springs

MORE SELF STORAGE!!! I'll save the pontification and refer you to my post about self-storage being zoned at the southeast corner of Green Hills and Barry Road. A rezoning has been approved for the southwest corner of Green Hills and Old Tiffany Springs Road. The proposed land use will be...

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Anonymous said...

Developer sees open land - pays visit to City Hall - brings fat envelopes to "grease the wheels" - Proposes rent-a-basement (aka storage units) - also shows drawings of apartments using same old boring designs and color palette.

Neighbors file complaints - City Hall waits for their fat envelopes which never arrive - Project is rubber-stamped - Deal is Done - on to next big idea.