Thursday, January 11, 2018

Celebrate Kansas City CES 2018 Junket!!!

Check local taxpayers financing a City Hall trip to one of the biggest consumer electronics festivals in all the world.

Talking points to justify the Las Vegas road trip during this cold weather . . .

“Roughly 96 percent of residents in Kansas City have fiber access at their doorway… But in half of our neighborhoods, citizens don’t take advantage of that because of a mindset barrier or a social barrier.”

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CES 2018: CIOs Divulge How Smart City Agendas Are Greenlit

Chief information officers from Las Vegas, Kansas City and Miami spoke about pushing smart city agendas to improve communities. CIOs from Miami, Kansas City, and Las Vegas spoke on the CNET stage at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 this week on smart city programs. Kevin Burns, CIO for the city of Miami, said the use of technology helped prepare the city for Hurricane Irma.


Anonymous said...

This is a giant waste of taxpayer dollars, the city calls itself a smart city but you can’t use their website on your phone and it is just ok on a tablet. If you’ve ever done business with the city their programs are so out of date it can take an hour just to get basic info from them. I tried getting info from several depts and they have to look in several databases that are pretty old. Why should we pay for these trips when they won’t purchase any modern equipment or programs that would make them more efficient? Smart city my ass, what a joke

Anonymous said...

Bennett says Kansas City doesn't take advantage or fiber because of a mindset and or social barrier???? Is he talking about the people at city Hall and the people at K.C. schools?????? I sure hope so because it's our schools, the Mayor and City employees who are socially ignorant. Just look at that Janee who went to Harvard and came back a narrow minded idiot, and we have a mayor who goes out on the streets dressed like a clown with a bullhorn in the park dividing the people and then calls for togetherness.
Kansas City is outdated in every way, agree with the above post. What a joke!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree also. It seems to me that what Bennett is saying is that the City has done nothing to educate its residents about the access available to them, and he is trying to obscure that failure by placing the blame on those residents, since it is his Department, and therefore HIS FAULT that they have not been made aware of the advantages of that access.

Having had Google Fiber for three years now, I would like to add that it is far better than any of the other services I have tried in the past, from cost, reliability and customer service aspects.
(Sorry for the plug, but they deserve it.)
My only fear is that somehow Kansas City will find a way to screw up the relationship with Google and I will have to go back to one of the lame alternatives.

Of course I'm one of the "Geezers" so hated here on Tony's blog, so maybe you shouldn't listen to me - oh, and "Geezer Hater", my undies are clean, sorry to disappoint you and your laughable little fetish.