Friday, December 08, 2017


Quick look at hard times for Kansas City's favorite hobo hospital that are soon to get even worse at the GOP preps to go after Medicaid and Medicare after the holidays.

Jackson County is ready to pick up some of the slack despite a busted jail budget AND Kansas City's health levy slush fund will also help developers avoid the increasing number of sick and broke locals walking through the streets.

Examiner: Truman Medical sees funding in peril


The hospital gets $14.4 million a year from the federal government to offset some of the cost of care for those cannot pay.

Federal payments for uncompensated hospital care were supposed to go away under Obamacare because, as the law was written, every state would expand Medicaid coverage, leaving virtually no one without some form of health insurance. But Missouri is among 19 states that have not expanded Medicaid. Shields said 25 to 30 percent of TMC’s patients have no insurance.

TMC’s two campuses on Hospital Hill and at Lee’s Summit Road and Gregory together provide 12 percent of all uncompensated care in the state, Shields said. That’s $101.26 million a year, about one-third of it for residents of Eastern Jackson County.

The federal payments to help offset that expired Oct. 1, and Congress is working on restoring them. Otherwise, CEO Charlie Shields said, TMC will slip into a budget deficit.

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Anonymous said...


Then the uninsured can go to suburban ERs, where their unpaid bills will get averaged into the rest of the bills and passed to insurance companies.

Then the insurance companies will jack up our premiums.

Who knew healthcare was so complicated? Thanks Trump.

Anonymous said...


Take another look, it was Obama Care that screwed everything up. Small business closed or cut back, people lost their insurance, premiums went so high no one could afford them, and you blame Trump??????

I blame your stupidity!!!!! Even Bill Clinton said O Care was a disaster, and mess everything up beyond repair!

Anonymous said...

Seems to me Truman med was doing just fine before barrycare came along, how many decades has it been there now???

Anonymous said...

Healthcare was the best in the world until Obummer came around and ruined everything.

It was the best in the world without question and a good bargain for the average citizen until that goddamn guy came into office.

Super Dave said...

If a taxpayer has to report on their returns rather or not they had health care and pay a penalty if they didn't then how can a state not be held accountable the same way as a individual can?

Yes Obamacare fucked the real workers and their families while the I'm to lazy to work jerks got free coverage or did they? Last I knew you had to pay income tax on unemployment and still required to file a tax return so why are these people not having to pay into the federal kitty like any other working stiff if they don't have coverage.

To me it's all a federal scam brought to you by a bunch of people who don't have to pay for any health care.

Anonymous said...


Dr. McKinney was named to the Annals of Internal Medicine!!!

Anonymous said...

Truman has been using the dregs to milk the shit out of state and Fed monies for decades. Time for the shysters to start operating like a legit business or go the way of the failures.

Anonymous said...

Obamacare failed.

Chuck Grassley promised that it would pull the plug on grandma.

Sarah Palin promised death panels for the elderly.

Yet, the senile geezers at TKC are still around typing.

Dammit Obamacare failure! Deliver on your core promise!