Monday, December 18, 2017


Protest targets the heavily favored incumbent. However, the shifting Demographics should be taken into account. Checkit:

DACA rally fills Rep. Kevin Yoder's OP office

Dozens went to Representative Kevin Yoder's Overland Park office, demanding a permanent fix to DACA, a program that gives some protections to immigrants who were brought here as kids. Supporters are pushing for Congress to attach the Dream Act to a year-end spending bill.


Anonymous said...

Get rid of the dreamers. They should call them the drainers. That’s what they do to our economy.

Anonymous said...

People that don't want their taxes raised, their health care taken away, or their Social Security and Medicare cut will bring down Yoder.

Anonymous said...

8:28 - In principal I agree with you. But, the reality is the JoCo doesn't want to pay real wages for labor. So the Mexicans stay because the economy depends on it. Sorry, that's just simple economics and the laws are really horrible and changing it.

Anonymous said...

Wrong 8:46. Dreamers gone means better wages for LEGAL workers. I did it when I was a young man.

Tracy Thomas said...

First of all, despite Tony posting these endless, weak speculative wishful thinkin' anti-Yoder stories, (he might just be Dreamin!...the Ultimate Dreamer!!!), I am opposed to tacking on a disparate (that means unrelated, to you trolls out there), bill ever. In fact, Congress should outlaw it, or make it their practice. One bill at a time. Up or down. Next.

Second, I can say from personal experience, with neighbors hiring Mexicans to do their yards, and also remodel their kitchens, and replace their roofs--that our cultures and economies are intertwined. This will not be an easy fix. Nobody on this blog could solve it. I guar-an-tee.

And finally, so glad Andrea/aka the Junior Leaguer in the sleeveless dress and pearls, the former attorney (who never admitrookside ted that she hadn't worked as a lawyer since 2006 when she predated upon a male subordinate) Andrea--is out of the race against Kevin Yoder.

Folks, real Joco voters as well as the busybody Brooksider Indivisible clones, (aren't you embarrassed to be a pawn of George Soris???) you need to move on to real races...where you can make a difference. Like Ks. Governor. And local state reps, (look for ones who get it, who realize the only way to drain the swamp is to support amending the Constitution thru COS, the Convention of States.) Because the drug cartels/insurance companies will never let Congress reform the laws.

That said, given the class of 2018, Kevin Yoder is a great Congressman. Seriously. great constituent service, and did I mention, he is on the ultimate, House Appropriations Committee. Don't throw that away with some lightweight, like Jay Sidie, the illegal investment advisor who hoodwinked one client out of a million bucks for a WINERY!

Dems, if that's all ya got, find another race!!!

Now I used to support Dennis Moore, nice guy who lost his mind, but his family kept it a secret, and ran his wife. Bad deal. And when they say Nice Guys Finish Last, well, Dennis Moore's only accomplishment in Congress was naming a post office. Sad.

Come on Tony. Write about races that are really in play. Not Yoder's.

Super Dave said...

Did Tracy just do a Yodel-Ay-Hee-Hoo?

Tracy Thomas said...

Funny, Super Dave.

Technically, I guess one might call it a "YODER-Ay-Hee-Hoo!

Merry Christmas, Super Dave. You make a difference in KC and on TKC.


Anonymous said...

Tracy,?do you always come so hard?

Anonymous said...

Yoder helped cost my family our insurance and our doctor.

Vote the elitist jerk out now!!!

Anonymous said...

Your smear against Dennis Moore for "losing his mind"...the man had a neurological disease...was contemptible, Tracy.

Pathetic remarks like your Tracy, expose how low you are.

That one alone should make you hang your head in shame.

Anonymous said...

No problem letting the true "Dreamers" stay here - if they can prove they were brought to the US at a young age by their parents. Give them a green card, but not an accelerated path to full citizenship. They can get in the back of the line.

The real scoundrels seem to be their parents, who brought them into this country illegally and knowing that the "Dreamers" could be deported later. No sympathy for them. Deport "Dreamer" parents and bar their reentry into the US for life.