Thursday, December 28, 2017

Wildcats Without Coach Bill Snyder???

This one's just for TKC but still perfect for #TBT and hopefully inspires us to appreciate a legacy of regional class and achievement. Take a look:

K-State Football Wouldn't Be What It Is Without Bill Snyder, So What Happens If He Retires?

The four-lane road that connects Manhattan, Kansas, and Interstate 70 is wider and busier now than it was when Bill Snyder took over as Kansas State's football coach in 1989. So much so that it's named after Snyder, who has more than 200 wins at K-State, making him only the sixth person to do that with one football program.


Anonymous said...

I guess if he retires, K-State will just shut down all Ath-uh-letics and start educating students again!
Won't that be a change for a Kansas College?

Anonymous said...

That would be nice 6:22.