Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Tribute To Grandview Hobo Lady Allegedly Gunned Down By Racist Serial Killer Suspect

There's not much evidence that anybody really cared about this lady whilst she camped out behind a church but now her death is the focus of holiday season political debate and faith community guilt. Read more:

Grandview community to hold funeral service for murdered homeless woman

A murdered homeless will finally be laid to rest. Fredrick Scott has been charged with her murder and has also been charged in the deaths of two other people. Police also believed he is connected to multiple murders along Indian Creek Trail.


chuck said...

All over the news, is the 24/7 coverage of the Tampa killer.

It was on all three major networks today. Film of him, his family, his victims, back stories on all concerned etc. The ongoing coverage of this story, from weeks ago, as law enforcement pursued the killer, up to now, with his arrest has saturated the news.

Here in KC. Where white people, were killed in cold fuckin blood, in a tex fuckin book example of a Black On White Hate Crime---


This local crime, took longer to solve so there were plenty of opportunities to cover it nationally and locally.

The reason for the watered down coverage of this BLACK ON WHITE HATE CRIME, is precisely, because it was a Black On White Hate Crime, that does not fit into the narrative of the National, Progressive Media, which, insists, that there are KKK members all over, behind every bush, every corner, waiting to murder blacks.

Approximately 10,000 blacks are killed each year, murdered, fuckin murdered by other blacks in the annual culling we all expect from the "Protected Class". This is ignored, while we are all expected to wail and gnash our teeth at the pleas of rich millionaire Black Athletes about "Racism" and Police Brutality.

What a load of fuckin shit.

Maybe Jenee Osteracist and the corrupt shills at the KC Star will pen some informative articles for us all to peruse on the evils of "White Privilege".

These murdered, innocent folks, including my friend, were killed not by the sub human fuck who pulled the trigger, but by the enablers in the National and Local media, who continue to ferment and encourage hatred of whites in pursuit of power, money and sinecure.

The lying Progressive Narrative killed my friend and your friends too. It still does. Your fiends, neighbors, coworkers who fall under the gun to black killers enraged by lies and taught to kill in a Holy Cause.

Fuck the KC Star and fuck the lying media who obfuscates, twists and never tells the whole truth.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ + 1,000

Anonymous said...

Pretty much spot on chuck. But you're preaching to the choir here.

Byron Funkhouser said...

NO, it isn't "spot on".

Chuck has taken a thread about a dead homeless woman & turned it into a thread about his pathological hatred of blacks.

Tony never says anything to Chuck about his hijacking of threads because Tony hates blacks, too.


chuck said...

"Chuck has taken a thread about a dead homeless woman & turned it into a thread about his pathological hatred of blacks."

Okay, you got me Byron. Those white guys on the Indian Creek Trail, including my friend, were all murdered, butchered in cold blood, shot in the back of the head, by the Amish.

The dead white homeless woman, was killed by the same guy, who killed the grandfathers walking their dogs on the Indian Creek Trail.

Of course, you wouldn't see any connection and if you did, you would, as Progressives are wont to do, lie about it, or make excuses.

The Pathology, is all you.

Anonymous said...

You don't care about someone "taking over a thread". You just don't want to hear the truth.

Anonymous said...

I have an opinion about this. I want to express my opinion about it. I think I will go to a blog and express it. Here's my opinion. I am glad I was able to change the world and resolve this issue.

Anonymous said...

F*ckin' feckless broadbrusher, black buttlick BlieRON, the HUGEST hypocrite, said a couple months ago that he would only believe an ALL black jury's verdict in a white woman's lawsuit.

Shudup, stupid West Virginny wigger.

Anonymous said...

2:11, you could do more and better to change the world like your bud, BlieRON, does. Express your opinions while your BBCs are ramming deep in both ends.

Anonymous said...

Let’s call this what it is, this guy is a racist mass murderer, Barry obama says so, when he deemed that three or more murders by one individual is a “mass murderer” I’m sure even a numbskull like bLIEron can look that up and confirm it

Anonymous said...

Definition of a racist

“a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another”

Nowhere in here does this describe white people only, this says anyone can be a racist including blacks so suck it funkyidiot

Anonymous said...

Ok, my bad, he’s a racist serial killer not a mass murderer

Anonymous said...

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