Thursday, December 28, 2017


Like it or not, this local dude has an outright progressive campaign that's gaining momentum in a District that is up for grabs and could turn blue amid a Midterm 2018 show-down.

So far, Mr. Welder is the only candidate who refuses to mince words and runs as an avowed liberal against Congressman Kevin Yoder who has always had a love/hate relationship with the hardline GOP and simply isn't a part of the Prez Trump populist backlash.

To be fair, establishment support and a solid resume have earned Congressman Yoder a substantial war chest that will likely overpower any challenger.

However, changing demographics and increasing antipathy toward establishment GOP candidates are enough to create a moment of doubt for Johnson County Republicans who must swallow their pride and offer Congressman Yoder their enthusiastic support.

In the meantime, there's no crisis of conscience among 3rd District progressives who are rallying behind Welder.

Here's more Young Turks support for Brent Welder via Internets blast for their national base of young, engaged, activist (#woke - ugh) audience . . .

Developing . . .


Anybody but Jay said...

Hillary won this district in 2016.

That is how they're raising money. Welder might be getting far left love but he won't be able to capitalize on national Democratic Party support because he's more of a Bernie bro.

And that puts him at a disadvantage.

Which is why I think he needs to play up his Hillary volunteerism and maybe keep the Bernie crowd at arms length.

A catch 22 for him because his biggest fans are far left.

This is how we get a poor schulb like Jay Sidie running for office and wasting everyone's time.

Anonymous said...

What are his views on spam?

Anonymous said...

The dummocrats will not get the Johnson County Jewish vote in 2018. Yoder wins big will be the headline in November. All the snowflakes will be greatly disappointed.

Anonymous said...

^^^Hey dummy. We are past the whole "dummocrat & Snowflake" stage now. Are you a third grader or retarded? Act like the pants-shitting geriatric you really are.

Anonymous said...

^^^Fool, we are past the whole "pants shitting geriatric" stage now. Get out of Mom's basement occasionally and discover the world as it exists outside your own skull.

Anonymous said...

Sidie 2018!

Anonymous said...

Hillary doesn't run the DNC and is completely irreverent. Welder will get plenty of money.

Bernie won the Kansas primary over Hillary by a 3 to 1 margin. A progressive will do very well in the 3rd. Much better than a milk toast DINO that walks and talks like a RINO.

Yoder's official Congressional holiday email wished everyone a Merry Christmas with a passage from the Gospel according to John. He missed that whole Hanukkah thing in his greeting. It's not his first disrespecting of the tribes.

Skinny dipping in the holy land makes him a schmuck, not a good candidate for reelection.

In fact, where are the sexual abuse charges for exposing himself to a minor? He should resign.

Anonymous said...

@8:48AM-Sadly we are not past the "pants-shitting geriatric" stage now as this blog is chock full o' them. Once they pass into the great beyond,(whic is happening daily) will we be free of them.

Anonymous said...

Nobody has yet answered @6:34's question! What's wrong with you people?

@ 6:34, like the vast majority of us, he thinks spam is a quite acceptable if it's properly prepared.

My personal favorite is to cube it into small pieces, then scramble it with eggs, spinach and tomatoes. How do you prepare it?

Oberon said...

He has a chance, but the Kansas Dems will likely screw it up for him.