Thursday, December 28, 2017


A peak behind the curtain of one of Kansas City's favorite community newspapers . . .

Northeast News: A Year of Change

Money line . . .

"For the first time in almost a decade the (Northeast News) is finishing the year in a much stronger position than the year prior. This is largely thanks to a local family who believes that Community Journalism is an integral part of the strength of the community at large. It is because of that assistance that we were able to restructure our debt, and position for a change in our business model in 2018 to a non-profit status, develop a regional Community Journalism incubator and offer print media internships to college-level student journalists in a real-time Community Journalism media model. Additionally, the non-profit status would allow us to apply for grants in the communications field for media outlets that serve a traditionally underserved community."

Now, this is nice but it's not without its problems.

Sometimes benefactors just lose interest and leave newspapers even more vulnerable to economic concerns.

Right or wrong, patrons always have their own agenda. And their motives are always subject to wild conspiracy theories.

Still, online advertising has proven to be a duopoly in the midst of FB & Google domination of garbage content.

Patrons powered some of the finest works of the Renaissance . . . But, the even greater achievements were put on the back burner . . . Like how da Vinci figured out flight half a millennia ago, some of his machines would've worked with a few modifications but his bosses weren't interested.

The point . . .

A classical model of community journalism is taking hold in Kansas City whilst we all thankfully watch an arrogant corporate agenda crumble.

Thankfully for TKC snack cakes are cheap and this blog is mostly powered by the bitter tears of lesser writers, thinkers and the last remaining local hacks.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Northeast News is one of the best organizations in KC.

I bet they are diversifying their donors and patrons. They provide an essential service.

Don't forget that KCUR is doing pretty much the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Who even reads it? Probably 70% of the Northeast residents are illiterate.