Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Just now, Jackson County Executive Frank White directs tough talk towards the Legislature amid a struggle to maintain the authority of his office against what his supporters claim are politically motivated local government encroachment efforts.

There has been an important battle over the Community Backed Anti-Crime Tax (COMBAT) for months that stared with a debate over the appointment of a new director and now delves into legal concerns over the transfer of power.

Remember, COMBAT isn't just a run-of-the-mill anti-violence group - It's a multi-million-dollar taxpayer subsidized effort that cooperates with law enforcement throughout the metro and is very much akin to its own division of County government.

Now, check the latest word on this move and the County Exec calling out the actions of his colleagues:

Jackson County Executive vetoes unlawful ordinance

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. has issued a veto of Ordinance 5061, his third veto this year.

On December 11, the Jackson County Legislature voted in favor of Ordinance 5061, which would transfer authority for the County’s COMBAT tax from the County Executive to the Jackson County Prosecutor.

The County engaged in outside legal counsel to determine whether the ordinance was lawful. They concluded that it is not, and even if adopted, would be void. Their independent analysis cited five reasons why the ordinance is not lawful.

“As I’ve said before, every decision I make in this position will be based on what’s right. Let me be clear, I will oppose any unlawful actions by this Legislature. My actions today protect the integrity of the charter and the rights of the people,” said Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. “As always, I am remain committed to working with all of our partners, including the Legislature, Prosecutor, Drug Commission and local law enforcement to ensure COMBAT continues to have a positive impact on our community.”

White’s veto message of Ordinances 5061 and the incorporated legal memorandum, which provides further legal justification of his veto, is attached.

And so . . .

While it is likely that the Legislature will overturn the veto, an EPIC impasse persists at the Courthouse as we move closer to an election year.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

On this one I'm not sure that I disagree with Frank.

Think about it, if the Legislature is in charge of COMBAT, they're going to give out even more freebies and contracts to their friends and allies. With the Executive's office running the show, there will be much less opportunities for patronage. Think beyond Frank's term here, executive control is an important issue that will linger at the county long after the current crop is gone.

Anonymous said...

With all the violence, murders, and mayhem in the community wouldn't it be great if just for at least a year or two the people "running" the COMBAT program were more interested in how effectively the $20 million/year was spent instead of whose friends, supporters, and relatives got their snouts in the trough?
Just a year or two?
What sad excuses these elected clowns and local government is in Jackson County and KCMO.
Just pitiful.

Anonymous said...

Frank won't even make a full term. Can't see how anyone would reelect him at this rate. Baseball or not.

Anonymous said...

Frank +9 over anyone else. Sorry, KC loves baseball.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Wrong again champ. Frank is not cut out for politics, at least the voters in Eastern Jackson County know as much.

Anonymous said...

Silence is ghetto golden!

Anonymous said...

Frank is full of shit. First, it's his office that's been handing out no-bid contracts left and right his sleazy chief of staff giving million$ away.

If he wants to do what's right for the county, he ought to resign, let someone who knows what they are doing be executive.

Why should the county be paying outside counsel? More tax money down the drain so Frank could pay someone to tell him he's right.

He just wants the job because he needs the money.

Anonymous said...

Frank's the one who's been talking about the need to spend COMBAT funds in goddamn Buckner, that notorious high-crime area. He just wants to spread this money around to buy votes.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:46 Like that $60K contract he gave Mike Sanders and the nearly $200K he's given Graves. I hope the FBI is investigating this crap.

Anonymous said...

Does Frank White want to keep his hooks on COMBAT so he can funnel more county cash to his church?

Anonymous said...

7:27 ^^^^ Frank might call it quits now that the Legislators' budget eliminates the salaries for his minions. He might have to start doing some work.

Anonymous said...

I have a real opinion.. My 18 old was murdered in black boy...I've engaged Stacie Daniels now retired Combat head..Brandon Ellington state Rep..Frank White County Executive. .Alissia Canady who helped start KC NOVA, who was member of KC violence task force for City Hall also Public Saftey for KC..I also engaged Mayor Sly ..Mr.Fortea..etc quite a few Important well paid public servants with no return 0 help concern nor care...So keep em power let them earn their dues an laugh on about murder n KC..Until it hits Ur heart..

Anonymous said...

Here we are pointing fingers at Frank White while still voting for that fucking Combat bullshit. Geeze what a pack of Herkimers.