The Pope Against Fake News

Posted only out of a sense of Catholic guilt for Sunday and for a quick chuckle over the prospect of "journalistic ethics" which is nearly as funny as "military intelligence" or "government organization." Take a look:

Pope Begs Journalists To Avoid 'Sins Of Communication'

Pope Francis, in speaking to a group of journalists Saturday, addressed the importance of a free and responsible press while also warning against falling "prey to the sins of communication."


  1. Pope Francis Opened His Arms Wide for the high numbers of Muslim refugees and illegal aliens and also other refugees and illegal aliens into Europe and continues to virtue signal for more of them. He wants more "Diversity" while he and the Vatican has security guards, walls, and other measures to protect him and the Vatican from refugees and illegals aliens in EU flooding into his Vatican city.

    Youtube Video by Paul Joseph Watson:

    The Pope is a political prostitute who is betraying Christianity and selling out the principles of freedom.

  2. Like listening the Queen's opinion, means nothing.

  3. You convert the Muslims to Christianity and every body lives happily ever after. Fewer terrorist attacks.

  4. The Kansas City Atheshits do not want you talking about the Pope

  5. The pope himself is fake news, a mere mortal pretending to be able to forgive the sins of others.


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