The Kansas City Saturday First Look

We start the morning with tribute to Josie and work our way forward with all these Kansas City MSM news links. Take a look:

Kansas City Comeback Story

Humanitarian returns to helping homeless weeks after bad accident

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As the sunset Friday evening "Taking It the Streets" was getting to hand out meals for a needy or homeless person in Kansas City A familiar face is back with them, founder, Scott Lamaster.

Rock Chalk Hard Times

KU Study Indicates Link Between Kansas Welfare Restrictions, Foster Care Case Increase

A University of Kansas study supports the suspicions of lawmakers and advocates who believe there's a link between additional restrictions on welfare benefits and an increase in foster care cases.

Life Lesson After Tragedy

Classmates, neighbors remember KC teen fatally shot in head at apartment as 'nice, quiet girl'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- At Raytown South High School students can't believe their classmate, 16-year-old Alexis Mitchell, is now gone. "I am just shocked," Jamirah Cameron said of his fellow classmate. "I just saw her Wednesday afternoon in our world history class.

Golden Ghetto TV Winning
Shawnee woman wins Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways
Kansas City Fanboy Movie

This Chiefs hype video narrated by Eric Berry has me fired up

The Kansas City Chiefs are bringing out all the stops on Saturday night. They're going to be wearing their all red uniforms on Saturday night. Primetime at Arrowhead with the red on red. Sweetness. Next, the Chiefs released this hype video that features Eric Berry's voice and IT HAS ME READY TO RUN THROUGH A BRICK WALL!

Dreezy - Spar ft. 6LACK, Kodak Black is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. The airport distinctive fight is about disfunction.
    Point your finger at any “leader” and you can see their name easily able to be substituted with “government incompetence “ if they are a player in the airport re-do.
    KC does itself a favor by replacing this mayor-weak system , replacing the City Council- and letting The cities in Johnson County manage their affairs for them.

    The first thing on the agenda should be crime. Let Johnson County develop and manage a plan. Clearly KC has no plan to reduce murders. If they do where is it? What targets do they hope to achieve? By when? How? No plan means more of the same!

    Second should be to eliminate Earnings tax. This keeps people from wanting to work in the city limits. Work in Johnson county and you make 1% more and crime is less and no City Council waving a middle finger to voters.

    Third- Get rid of the silly street car. Tens of millions and we have turn-of-the19th-century technology that some think is free? Is it racist to give free rides to shoppers and the bus costs money?

    Fourth- Appoint Clay Chastain and Carol Coe as ambassadors so they can help solve problems before they happen. Maybe let Alonzo Washington use some of his drone tech to assist in high profile murders and let him run the TIPS HOTLINE - he could even charge $5 a caller to the TIPS LINE to support his drone techniques that are vastly different and superior to any other known to mankind.

    Fifth- Everyone should drink a Fifth when News happens at City Halll.


  2. We'all aren't bringing anything to arrowhead. Who wants to watch you ungrateful idiots in your little red suits?

  3. "As of Friday night, investigators hadn't released any new details about that person or the girl’s death." Is this what now passes for journalism? Sitting by the phone waiting for somebody to tell you who, what, where, when and how? Get out there and interview people.


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