The Kansas City Midweek Early Lineup!!!

A lineup and tribute to our all-time favorite Brit hotties starts the day along with these Kansas City midweek links for right now. Take a peek:

Helping Midtown KCMO Hobos

Organization helping homeless find housing expands to Westport

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Jae Edgar Bennett's job is on the streets and running from one office to the next. On Tuesday, Bennett met with a homeless man named Bill to get him housing, while fielding phone calls about others who need help, too.

WyCo Wants To Keep Social Safety Net

Residents ask legislators to continue funding social programs despite a potentially rough year

One issue -school finance - is expected to dominate the Kansas Legislature during the next session. Under an order from the Kansas Supreme Court to provide adequate funding for Kansas schoolchildren, the Legislature is looking at an increase in school funding, and a special legislative panel was meeting on the topic Monday in Topeka.

Tribute To KC Hottie Killed

Friends, family remember life of 23-year-old woman murdered in Kansas City

Friends and family of a young woman killed last week gathered Tuesday night at the JC Nichols Fountain to be sure she wasn't forgotten and to push for help to solve the crime. They surrounded a collage of Alexx Morris with candles in hand, 50 people strong.

Fear Lazy X-mas Grinch

Pajama bandit steals Christmas decorations from Kansas business

MERRIAM, Kan. - The owners of one Kansas business are finding humor in a recent heist. Lesli and Dan Keister run Keister Equipment Repair on Merriam and 53th Street. On Tuesday morning, their security cameras caught a woman stealing the Christmas decorations from outside their business.

Celebrate Bi-State Swill

Which Missouri And Kansas Wines To Pour This Holiday Season

Before reaching for a bottle of red or white from California, Italy or France, you might think again about shopping a little more close-to-home. Today, Master Sommelier Doug Frost returns to give us the low-down on the award-winning local vino that deserves your attention, and which bottles are garnering attention from winemakers around the country.

Off-Season Trade FAIL???

Chances of Hosmer or Moustakas returning to Royals increasing

As the winter progresses, the chances are getting better that the Kansas City Royals could return one or both of their big name free agents - Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer. Moustakas is sounding like teams are more interested in giving him a one year deal.

Kansas City Footballer Honors

Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill earn Pro Bowl bids

Three Kansas City Chiefs have been selected to the 2018 NFL Pro Bowl. Tyreek Hill nabbed his second nomination as a returner, rookie running back Kareem Hunt earned his first nod and tight end Travis Kelce made it for the third time. Hill has 24 punt returns for 203 yards (8.5 avg.)

Sia - Ho Ho Ho is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.



    Twas' the night before Christmas
    And all through the house
    Came a shaking vibration
    Like my fat snoring ex-spouse

    I arose to the window
    Looked out in the yard
    Saw 5 elves in a red toy Hummer
    Come to deliver my card

    I ran down the stairs
    Flung open the door
    Invited them in
    With the thought I might score

    I plied them with cookies
    And warm brandy drinks
    Got them talking really naughty
    Confessing their kinks

    When the night had climaxed
    And the sun was arising
    5 satisfied elves were perched on my bed
    All agape and perplexing

    While 4 bid adieu after collecting their undies
    I held back one elf for an encore performance
    Seems Holly had mastered the tools of her trade
    A great Hummer, tight toybox, and moves of romance!!!

  2. ^^^ AWESOME!


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