Friday, December 01, 2017

The Kansas City Friday Crime Roundup

Quick look at the local crime scene with another not to lady prisoner drama as we head into the holidays. Take a look:

Justice After Crash In Westport???

KCPD: Person of interest located in Westport hit-and-run crash

Kansas City police said they have found a person of interest in a hit-and-run crash early Friday in Westport. Investigators said the woman was crossing Broadway Street at 39th Street about 2 a.m. when she was hit by the northbound pickup. Police said the woman, described as being in her 30s or 40s, suffered critical injuries.

Additional Kansas City Bus Attack Deets

Bleeding man rants about ISIS on KC bus in episode captured on video

There are a number of things to learn from surveillance recordings on a KCATA bus. One, you never know what kind of strangeness is ahead when someone gets on the bus. Two, the drivers keep their cool. Three, there are a lot of cameras on a bus - and they capture audio, too.

More Time In Jackson County

Convicted murderer sentenced to 5 years in connection with assault at Jackson County Detention Center

The Kansas City man who was sentenced to life without parole for shooting a boy and murdering the boy's father at a gas station in April 2014 has now also pleaded guilty to felony charges related an assault in the Jackson County Detention Center.

Ongoing Royal Hot Mess

Continuance granted in Danny Duffy DUI case

AP Images SOURCE: AP Images Danny Duffy's DUI case received another continuance Friday in Overland Park Municipal Court. His attorney will meet with prosecutors again on Jan. 19. Duffy was cited for driving under the influence by Overland Park police when he fell asleep in the drive through of a Burger King in late August.

Kansas City Soggy Car Dump

KC firefighters discover vehicle submerged in Blue River, no one inside

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City firefighters are at the Blue River where they found a vehicle submerged in water Friday. Firefighters say a water rescue crew searched the vehicle near 23rd and Topping but never found anyone inside. Officials have not said how the vehicle ended up in the river.

One More Connection To #MeToo

Former Royals player fired from Canadian TV station following allegations of 'inappropriate behavior'

A former Kansas City Royals catcher turned analyst for the Toronto Blue Jays has been fired following complaints of "inappropriate behavior and comments" in the workplace. Gregg Zaun, who was terminated by Rogers Communications, Inc., on Thursday, was an analyst for Sportsnet in Canada.

Kansas City Name Check Amid Chicago Crime Presser Touting Slightly Less Killing

Chicago police tout 14% homicide drop, and concede there's more to do

Still, the number of killings in the nation's third-largest city in 2017 remains higher than in almost any other year of the past decade -- and Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said his officers know there's more to do. "I would say ... we're making progress. ...

Kansas Rape SHOCK

Kansas Supreme Court Says Rape Victim Has No Claim on Truth, Overturns Rapist's Conviction - The Sentinel

On Friday, the Kansas Supreme Court Friday threw out the 2013 Shawnee County kidnapping conviction of an immigrant from Monaco named Osi Bisa McBride. The Court ruled that former senior assistant district attorney Todd Hiatt violated McBride's rights to a fair trial by telling the jurors the victim has as much right to the presumption of credibility as the culprit does to the presumption of innocence.

'Tis The Season Of Metro Car Crime

Grandview police investigate multiple car break-ins in neighborhood near Longview Lake

Police investigating multiple vehicle break-ins in a neighborhood near Longview Lake.

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Chicago is at 632 murders so far this year........ WOW!!!!

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