Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Kansas City Afternoon Link Serving

Hottie Kate inspires us serve up even more interesting local content and the highlights of the local news day.

Take a look:

International Sound Of Kansas City

Origin Story: Music Edition | Making Movies

Our popular series Origin Story gets a musical twist each Thursday in December here on Flatland. Got an idea for an Origin Story? Drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter @FlatlandKC.

Kansas City Telcom Hard Times

AT&T will lay off 87 people in KC as it consolidates call centers - Kansas City Business Journal

AT&T Inc. will lay off 87 Kansas City employees from its office at 2121 E. 63rd St. between February and March as part of a larger restructuring of its call centers. According to a filing with the Missouri Division of Workforce Development, employees at AT&T's credit and collections center will be affected by the restructuring; the Dallas-based telecommunications company (NYSE: T) will continue its other operations in Kansas City.

Shawnee Crime Spree Today

Shawnee police cars broken into while being serviced at car dealership

Two Shawnee, Kansas, police cruisers were broken into early Thursday while they were parked at a car dealership for service. Police said someone broke into the secure lot at Shawnee Mission Ford. Authorities said they are taking inventory, but that it was possible that a police jacket was taken from one of the vehicles.

Meth Town Morning Murder Aftermath

1 in custody after man shot to death in Independence early Thursday

One person is in custody after a fatal shooting early Thursday morning in Independence. Independence police said officers were called at 2:57 a.m. to a home in the 1400 block of North Osage Street on a reported shooting. Investigators said two people were involved in a fight before shots rang out, killing a man.

Show-Me Rare Local Winner

Missouri Lottery looking in KC for $7.3 M ticket's owner

The Missouri Lottery is looking in KC for someone who matched all six numbers in Wednesday night's drawing to win the jackpot. The winning ticket was sold a Brooklyn Mart at 2200 E. Truman Road in KC and had the number combination 5, 11, 14, 30, 33 and 34.

Kansas City Homestead Winning

Homes in KC metro gained $10.2 billion in value this year: Zillow - Kansas City Business Journal

The Kansas City and U.S. housing markets both saw an increase in value in 2017. The value of all homes in the U.S. market increased by $2 trillion in 2017, bringing the total value up to $31.8 trillion, according to real estate market website Zillow.

Kansas City Survivor Conversation

A moving interview with Sonia - Holocaust survivor and focus of award-winning documentary "Big Sonia"

Breaking News Sonia's story of surviving the Holocaust as a teenager and her life that follows is incredible. And it's being told in the award-winning documentary "Big Sonia". Dana and Scott had the opportunity to talk with Sonia in studio, as well as the filmmakers behind the documentary.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

How many times are we going to see this old Jew plug her documentary ?! What's the fucking deal, TKC ?!

Anonymous said...

AT&T continues with additional layoffs, despite their Trump tax kick back.

So much for new jobs and trickle down.

Tax scheme stays winning?

Anonymous said...

How drunk does Scott Park have to get to work with Dana wright??? My gawd she’s dumb!

Tracy Thomas said...

Well, 3:30, perhaps Bog Sonia is just too positive a message for you to read. You little narcissist, life is not all about you.
If you don't like a great message and a great movie, just skip over it--the world is not beating a path to YOUR door to hear your cynical commentary.
You are not a humanitarian, like Sonia.
You are not a filmmaker, like Leah Warshawski.
You have not sold 10,000 tickets in three weeks, like the Glenwood Arts, 95th and Mission, lower level.

It's a record, 3:30, you anonymous troll.
I get it, you read TKC's site for the doom and gloom, the homicide count, the alarms about the KCMO government.
I get it, it really stands out when something stunningly positive also gets some posts.

And for the record, Sonia is not "plugging" her documentary. It's her grandchildren's labor of love to make this film. Nobody guessed it would be so well received. It's a positive film, including the parts about Big Sonia going with SuEllyn Fried to Lansing Prison to inspire convicted felons. And going to high schools, to inspire chronically addicted-to-their-cellphones-and bullying via social media TEENS, that there is a benefit to spreading love and acceptance and joy.

Now if you were a prisoner in Lansing, the warden would not drag you out of your cell to force you to hear Sonia. The warden might just let you rot in your cell with your stinkin' thinkin'.

We here on TKC are tired of your crabby attitude. And being anonymous, hiding out and not owning your words.

Let me ask you this: I offered to buy you a ticket. I haven't heard from you. How about you email, and I will take you to the movie. Then and only then should you be able to comment from knowledge rather than bias.


Anonymous said...

Tracy is A-OK

Anonymous said...

@3:43 Will he get to sit in Sonia's leopard-print sofa and feel Big Sonia's goodness surround him, envelope him...and caress his nipples ?

Anonymous said...

My grandfather perished at Buchenwald--he fell out of the guard tower. No one's made a documentary about him !

Anonymous said...

^^^^ now that’s some funny shit right there! Lmfao!!!

Anonymous said...

Sonia Warshawskie: "It was all my mind."

Anonymous said...

Another "Holocaust survivor" ? Some genocide.

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between a cow and The Holocau$t ? You can't milk a cow for 70 years !

Anonymous said...

Holocaust = Jew Bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 3:30. I guess if your Jewish you don't have to pay for advertisements.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Tracy on this one.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Tracy is is beautiful when she's angry. Is she a real redhead ? I'm sort of...into that.

Anonymous said...

Watch Europa The Last Battle--free on You Tube, if you want a bullshit-free, non-kosher documentary.

Anonymous said...

STFU Dick Tracy. This is Tony's KC blog . Go fucking post on your own blog

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tracy is the most beautiful woman ever.

Anonymous said...

Tracy is madder than hell, stomping and ranting like a mad bull. I bet that is really cute.

Anonymous said...

Hitler was a tiny-dicked anus licker. Eva cucked him in front of other German officers. Fact. How's that make you feel, neo-Nazi's? You worship a weak cuckold!

Anonymous said...

^^^ YUP.

Nice work 6:20.

Anonymous said...

To 6:20, fact = fiction, and vice versa. When you've lost touch with reality, it's impossible to tell the difference between the two.