The Great Kansas City Pizza Debate Persists

A roundup of this town's ongoing argument over styles from bigger, better cities. Take a look:

Food Critics: The Best Pizza In Kansas City In 2017

It's the time of year when you may need to feed a crowd - perhaps for holiday gatherings or for college bowl game-watching. And what better way than with pizza? Or not. Pizza is just one of those delicious dishes that's good any time of year.


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    1. agree , delivered in the box , the weight of it alone stands above everyone else

  2. MOD Pizza! 11-inch, anything you want on it, Eight Buck$!
    Crispy crust, not soggy like Minsky's and so many others in town

    No "elitist" appeal, I'm afraid, just damn good Pizza!

  3. Helen's JAD Bar.

  4. Yes, you're absolurtely right.. Minksky's is definitely catering to the high-brow elitist crowd.

  5. Two things KC doesn't know shit about is pizza and philly cheese steaks. It would not get an honorable mention from anyone who has actually had either.

  6. The real story here is that anyone pays attention to these critics and KCUR other than millenials at their counter jobs or gen x yuppies charging their Priuses.


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