Friday, December 22, 2017

Talking City Hall For Kansas City Christmas

An ESSENTIAL conversation for anyone who wants to understand how local government in Kansas City works . . . Or doesn't work. Credit where it's due, Northeast News might have filed the best big of insider content this week. Take a look:

Northeast Newscast Episode 36 - A Day in the Life at City Hall, as the Council debates the future of KCI

By Paul Thompson This week on the Northeast Newscast, we're shaking up our format with a first-hand account of the machinations inside City Hall on Thursday, December 21 - as the Council attempts to salvage the Memorandum of Understanding with Edgemoor for the construction of a new single terminal airport.

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Anonymous said...

Did you notice how the televised City Council sessions looked so much more professional without Bullhorn and Troy Private Pond around. Actually looked business like and concerned with "entire" city. Perhaps they were on good behavior, but it sure looked better than watching Sly try out lines for the front man ram job with Troy acting like no one gets to ask a question about his plan on high.

Go Council, and if Chamber sends another letter, send on back.