We start the conversation at high noon with the gang from the "Anything Goes" show and it's one of my favorite holiday season traditions.

Charles Ferruzza is one of the most knowledgeable denizens of the Kansas City news scene and the only person capable of calling b.s. on TKC in a nice way.

This should be a fun alternative to all of the MSM denizens playing power broker or thanking their corporate patrons at the end of the year.

Give us a call . . .


  1. Very nice. You need to start doing more of these things or finally break down and do that podcast.

    Love KKFI with Charles and Carol and their guests.

    1. Lot to talk about this year and for next. Let's not forget the financial issues like the GO BONDs and what is happening to our money.

    2. Some of the end of the year stuff has been good. KKFI did a really good arts talk about the new year and I learned a lot. Not a cynic like most of this blog there is a lot to look forward to in 2018. It's going to be interesting.

  2. This year will make or break Sly as a future congressman. That is for sure, he's got a lot of opposition against him. Probably just as much as Frank White.

    1. Isn't that the plot from Malcolm & Eddie?

  3. I would listen but can't stand Ferruzza.

  4. Hahaha, first caller wants to talk about blacks and he gets dumped!!!!

  5. "Tony, what is up with your denying..."

    Next caller

  6. Good job today, Tony. I enjoyed Charles' show, tho too much banter about garage sales that are not happening,(a non-event)-- so you didn't even get thru your list of top five predictions.

    Carol Barta is lovely, and good to fall back on if the show is slow, but you had done your homework and prepared, and I'm sorry they didn't let you share more.

    As for 10:40's suggestion that you break down and do a podcast, I know you looked at it a year ago. Found a neat local spot for production. But podcasts are like serving on the Kansas Legislature, where 2nd prize is TWO terms. You will feel trapped, it becomes a joyless job. If you don't have interns as producers, then booking the guests will grind you down. And there is generally no significant revenue stream to offset your time.

    The podcast model is also lengthy...not going to attract the under 30 years old highly distracted/short attention span listener. So then you will have created a library of info that few will listen to.

    With your blog, by allowing anonymous commenters, (even those who should be deleted, eg Holocaust deniers, such tedious hate-talk bigots), well you do engage alot of folks because they want to react/comment.
    (the STAR has virtually eliminated feedback, so you are the only game in town).

    I'm OK, sometimes, with Anonymous, tho it would be much more engaging if they would just invent a nom-de-plume, so we start to follow their "voice". In either case, they have to jump thru the same Captcha hoops. So no time is saved by being Anonymous vs. Bruce in Brookside. They can change their identities. Use a few brain cells to invent a name even just for that one comment.

    But as for a podcast, perhaps that format has peaked. I do have a new app called Podcast Addict for Android, so there IS a place to park good content. But it's kinda like stuffing merch in a Drawer of Good Intentions-- that never seems to get opened. Waiting for that snow day. Or for me to jump on the stairmaster.

    I still have a paper bag of my Girl Scout badges, that I never got around to sewing onto my dark green sash. I figure if I ever have time to do that sewing, it's time to die. And by now, the sash would only fit around my neck area--not down to my former 16 inch waist.

  7. Oh yeah, we're gonna disagree about Kevin Yoder's Democratic challenger having a ghost of a chance in 2018.

    Kevin Yoder is a very responsive Congressman.
    Kevin Yoder serves on the ELITE House Appropriations Committee--we're not so stupid as to give that up.
    Kevin Yoder has a huge war chest.
    Kevin Yoder is Kansas City nice, and has tons of experience at governance and constituent service.

    The Kansas Democrats are a firing squad--in the shape of a circle.
    Yes, Bernie Sanders won Prairie Village.
    But the Dems there were so clueless to national Dem intrigue, they didn't figure out for a YEAR (in Donna Brazeale's book) that Hillary Clinton stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders!
    So if you can't solve the puzzle in a year, you have no business trying to keep the government operating.
    Bernie Sanders is a grumpy make-wrong socialist.
    He would have been a dreadful president.
    Joe Biden wasn't up for the race.
    The Dems LOST, and the Prairie Village snowflakes are still bitter about it, but disorganized.

    So this new guy, with zero political experience, is a waste of time.

    If Joco Dems and independents and RINO's want to actually IMPACT their own lives, they might be better off to obsess about a new governor, some new state senators and state reps, fixing our schools, and living within a balanced budget, rather than browbeating thru the courts.

    Changing one Congressman will accomplish NOTHING.

    The other thing that would make a difference is for Kansas to become the 14th state legislature to approve the COS/Convention of States--the way to BYPASS CONGRESS AND CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION, TO REQUIRE A BALANCED BUDGET.

    Now THAT would change our lives for the good.

    Stay tuned.

  8. damn good show.

    Charles is a Kansas City treasure.

  9. How fucking hard is it to call bullshit on a giant bag of bullshit. Speaking of bullshit......Tracy are you blowing that big bag of bullshit ????? Babbling bitch.

  10. Tracy you are great, forget the haters.


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