Special Thanks To The Sentinel: Dutifully Tracking The Fading Kansas City Star

Over the past year we've seen The Sentinel take on some important topics, grow their base of fans and offer vital info on a myriad of topics that often go unchallenged or unreported . . . Today, the media watchdog picked up "no-bid" beef with the Kansas City Star desperately seeking validation at the expense of their own journalistic legacy. Take a look and make The Sentinel one of your regular reads:

Tony's KC Breaks Story; Star Takes Credit - The Sentinel

Tony's Kansas City, a blog dedicated to all things KC, posted a handful of stories about a $1 billion, no-bid contract for an airport design between the city and Burns & McDonnell long before the Kansas City Star published the tale.


  1. Cashilll is hitching his wagon to TKC. Next TKC will be taking that KOCH money also!

  2. You're really connecting the dots there wildman!

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  3. "According to Tony's Kansas City..." said no TV newscaster or KC Star article, ever.

    There's a reason for that.

  4. We're sure the Show-me Institute money is pretty good. At least that's what we've heard.

  5. I think the mistake here is to give the KC star too much attention, they're certainly not getting it online or with their papers that nobody reads anymore. Their reporting and their editorials don't have as much influence as they used to.


  7. So sad...
    Perhaps they should give compelling reasons to read the paper... opinions are a dime a dozen- maybe they need more street reporters.
    Maybe let the public submit photos - change it up- weather channels always have cool pics- let the public decide.
    Or- let the star keep doing what it’s doing and expect different results...that’s Einstein’s definition of insanity.

  8. @9:52pm
    The Star doesn't have any influence any more, because instead of being "The Paper for the People", the Star simply regurgitate what city hall, insiders, and influential people in the city want them to print.
    They're little more than a press release operation.
    Add to that the facts that the editorials and columns are repetitive and shrill and the reporting is amateurish and it's not hard to see why the paper is in the shape it's in.
    It's really hard to see what these folks think their target market is.

  9. Glad your still stroking yourself Mr. Buttholio.

  10. They're a lot more alike than you might think. The Star has been sued for libel and lost, too!


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