Show-Me GOP Slap Fight With Missouri Guv Greitens Amid Contention 2018 Midterms

A fight for control among Conservative factions across Missouri should provide most of the entertainment and possibly lead Sen. Claire McCaskill to another victory by way of distraction. Take a look:

GOP infighting may complicate Missouri's 2018 legislative session

Heightened tensions between Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens and fellow Republicans who control the General Assembly will likely add drama when the 2018 legislative session begins next Wednesday. Because 2018 is an election year, it's long been assumed that lawmakers will avoid divisive topics that could upset voters.


  1. Better headline...
    " GOP Self-Destruction Not Limited To National Level"

    Looks like the Tea Party Team is rapidly becoming the "Neo-Whigs" as they speed up on their slide down the slippery slope of Irrelevancy.

  2. StL Public Radio is about as reliable a news source as the Star. Both suffer from advanced stages of TDS, which with any luck will prove terminal.


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