Friday, December 08, 2017

Show-Me GOP & AG Hawley Attempting To Change Missouri Residency Law After Confronting Criticism

Like it or not, this is a tragic bit of hypocrisy that's providing a valid talking point for Missouri Democrats as Midterm 2018 elections approach. Read more:

Pre-filed bill would strike down residency requirement for Missouri attorney general

A pre-filed bill in the Missouri House would eliminate a state law requiring the attorney general to live in Jefferson City. Current law requires the attorney general to live "at the seat of government," which is in Jefferson City. The measure sponsored by Rep. Lindell Shumake, R-Hannibal, would simply strike those words from state law.


Anonymous said...

Play by the rules or resign. And I voted for him simply for the fact that a prog would be many times worse.

Anonymous said...

Strike the same rule from the KC City ordinance that requires City workers to live in City limits and the AG will get my support.

Crooked politics as usual.
It only takes one instance such as this to lose the majority.
Nice move ass wipes, GOP.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a logical step and a natural follow-up to the bills passed last year that removed any sanity or dignity requirements from the Office of Governor.

Anonymous said...

Given how most of the local Boss Hog politicians spend so much time showing their asses I'd suggest we are all living at the seat of government.