Should We Continue Kansas City DUI Checkpoints Without State Funding???

KCPD continues their efforts that were popularized after a bunch of bored housewives started a publicity campaign in the 80s. But, ultimately, the authorities are bound the public they serve . . . And so local opinion on the efficacy of checkpoints is important given the cost and budget trouble confronting local police.

In other words . . . 9 arrests for six checkpoints might be a waste of resources and public intervention is directing law enforcement about community priorities could be in order. Take a look and you decide:

KC drunk driving enforcement will continue despite loss of funding from state legislature, officials say

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City officials say drunk driving enforcement will go on -- even though the city is struggling with the funding for it. The city planned seven drunk driving saturation patrols this month. They've already conducted two of them. The result? Nine DWI arrests.


  1. Sure, as long as people continue to drive drunk. As a drunk, I can tell you fear of a DUI kept me from driving drunk. After I had 4 DUIs, I pretty much never drove drunk.

    There is no way to measure the effectiveness of DUI checkpoints, but I believe they help.

  2. keep them in the hood and westport where all the idiots are

  3. Easy fix, increase fines!
    $800 first offense, $2,000 second offense with vehicle impounded till fine and impound charges are paid, $45,000 fine and impoundment third offense, $125,000 and impoundment fourth and subsequent offenses, jail till all fees are paid from second offense on.

  4. If these traffic stops kept drunks off the road, I would say keep funding them. Unfortunately, they don't make any difference. People continue to drive impaired, without a license, without insurance, and nothing happens to them. They are giving a ticket and told to stop it. Or if they are repeat offenders, they are arrested, booked and released on bail. The law-abiding public is still at risk.

  5. DUI check points make money. Gun check points to stop murders would not make a profit. BLM indeed.


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