Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Should Kansas City Politicos Tighten City Manager Troy Schulte's Purse Strings???

Not much new info here but a sign that this bureaucrat is now out of favor at the newspaper. Take a look:

Spending $1.3 million without prior approval? Kansas City Council should set limits for the city manager

Kansas City is edging closer to a reasonable policy on spending by city officials without specific prior approval by members of the City Council. Under current city ordinances, City Manager Troy Schulte and a handful of others can sign construction contracts worth up to $1.3 million without specific prior approval.


Anonymous said...

Not yes but hell yes, fat boy Troy and sLIE won’t be around when the bankruptcy kicks in

Anonymous said...

I thought that fat bastard offered to resign? We didn’t accept his resignation? You’re fucking kidding me?

Anonymous said...

How about requiring Council approval for any expenditure in excess of $1,000?
That should at least slow down his frantic drive to grant enough fat contracts to assure him of a job in the near future.