Friday, December 29, 2017


Realization that video game debates threaten households . . . Here's a nightmare scenario that hits close to home and provides a teaching moment for parents, police and social media denizens. Read more:

Call of Duty gaming community points to 'swatting' in deadly Wichita police shooting

Online gamers have said in multiple Twitter posts that the shooting of a man Thursday night by Wichita police was the result of a "swatting" prank involving two gamers.


Anonymous said...

People who should be charged:

The gamer who made the call: felony murder

The gamer who gave first gamer the victims address: voluntary manslaughter

The officer who apparently fired (there is virtually NO information available regarding the facts of "why" he shot) without any positive identification: voluntary manslaughter

Actually, the one who made the call in the first place should just be hanged. Its doubtful he has ever contributed positively to society or ever will. His actions directly caused the death of an innocent human.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^Maybe we could wait until the investigation is concluded before we charge anyone or hang anyone?

Anonymous said...

Heil satan!

Anonymous said...

A cop and shoot someone and there's a million to one chance that he will be charged for anything.

Anonymous said...

You are fucking retarded and just pulling legal terms out of your ass.

Felony murder has to involve the comission of one of the felonies specified in ksa 21-3436.

Why dont you refrain from actually making a legal comment on these threads where you are just trying to work up your outrage boner.

Polar Bear said...

Speaking of "gamers" it true Tracy Thomas is blowing Tony Butholio ?