Friday, December 15, 2017


Whilst some of our readers are already tired of Christmas music and others were never sold on this sentimental time of year . . . Here's an update on all of the sniffling and nasty disease that's going around as TV news attempts to play epidemiologist . . .

Fox4: Flu-like symptoms spreading through Kansas City thanks to unstable weather


"Doctors said the not-so-wintry conditions are the biggest contributing factor as to why flu-like symptoms are affecting so many."

Further reading . . . An informative piece revealing that dry air is perfect for carrying nasty sneezes and germs that spread quickly among local denizens:

BBC: Flu season is a fact of life – but until recently, no one knew why. The answer hinges on the disgusting ways that germs pass between people.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Oh bullshit it's due to being dry and the wind blowing all this dust and leaves all over the place giving people sinus issues they don't try and treat till they become chest infections.

25 Year Sinus Sufferer said...

This years flu vaccine is a response to last years flu and may cause more damage than help. Some have become deathly sick from the vaccines.
Above article contains good suggestions for keeping nasal passages healthy. Also beneficial are over counter saline solutions and mild steroid fluticasone(generic Flonase).

Anonymous said...

Yes, and dancing around a Propane Barbecue Grill at Noon while wearing nothing but a skirt made of Asparagus and holding a frozen Chicken over your head works too!

(See, it makes your neighbors laugh till snot comes out of their nose.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, bullshit. What do these university elites know.

I don't need no fancy book learnin' doctor to tell me about gettin' sick.

The TKC geezers are on a roll again.

Anonymous said...

Actually 12:21, 9:03 is very dead on right.