Saturday, December 30, 2017


Desperation in the inner suburbs takes its toll and threatens neighborhoods. Here's the latest:

Officials say squatters are causing fires in abandoned buildings in Blue Summit

BLUE SUMMIT, Mo. -- A fire in an abandoned trailer Friday morning is the fourth fire in Blue Summit since Dec. 8. Inter City Fire Chief Jeff Jewell said all four fires were likely caused by squatters. "In the summertime, we have what's called tent cities, a lot of our homeless live out in the woods," said Chief Jewell.


Anonymous said...

Killa city hood rats and hobos invading blue springs! Thanks to sLIE’s worthless ass, they’re spreading like locusts, fly in, destroy everything and then fly out to find new areas to destroy!

Anonymous said...

Blue Summit is not Blue Springs. Blue Summit is "Dogpatch" unincorporated Jackson County between KC and Independence.

Anonymous said...

Locals in Blue springs are startled to see this.
The correct location is Blue Summit- a gimmicky named city that is not a cross section nor combo of Lee’s Summit or Blue Springs.
Pollsters have polled non Poles about Polls in the area on doors and have surmised that some pulls on doors are different.

Don Cardinal said...

Eastside dogpatch looks like that anyway,,,, I saw in a bookthe way we were, 89th to 95th troost to wornall was called dogpatch aswell, I will walk those streets 3am with no trepidation, blue Summit, I will drive with the doors locked, and it's an all white area, them hillbillies are no joke

Anonymous said...

They should be thanking these squatters for the help with urban renewal..Gets these eysores off the earth.