Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Season Of Kansas City Crime: Ward Parkway Shopper Suffers EPIC Credit Card Scam

Scary report on holiday season crime and consumer danger that lurks at just about every local mall. Read more:

Local woman says wallet thief charged more than $8,000 to her credit cards in under 90 minutes

A woman shopping at Ward Parkway Center turned her back for just a moment - and that moment is now costing her thousands of dollars. Julia Smith said she let her guard down for just a minute, and her wallet was swiped from her purse.


Anonymous said...

It's a credit card. She's not on the hook for anything.

Anonymous said...

She was probably completely unaware of anything but how wet her pussy was getting from shopping.

Anonymous said...

At Trader Joe’s???

Anonymous said...

How in bloody hell can they use her cards without showing proper ID? Don't tell me they used HER identification and forged her signature without being challenged. The stores have an obligation to check and double-check. Heck, I've been forced to wait when I present a large bill (50-100) so they can check it for fraud. Jeez and crackers.