Thursday, December 21, 2017

Save The Date For Kansas City Urban Heroes

Quick glimpse at the seemingly endless cycle of Downtown Kansas City hype spinning it's way into next year . . . Take a look:

2017 Urban Heroes to be honored at special event

The Downtown Council - in preparation for its Annual Luncheon next month - will honor four community champions with Urban Hero status during a very special event next month. Make plans to join us at the Urban Hero Reception from 5-7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 24 at Suitable Technologies Inc., 1200 Main St., Suite 4200.


Bryan M. Stalder said...

The Worst People In Kansas City award.

Anonymous said...

Handing out awards and congratulating one another for pointless fads, toys, amusements, and hype, all bought with many millions of other people's money.
Sort of a junior varsity version of the Chamber swells.
And now the millenials, the very people that all this crap, are moving on to other attractions to try to satisfy their short attention spans.
And they happily leave all the public debt behind for the actual residents of KCMO to pay.
Revenge of the Kiddie Corps!