Sunday, December 03, 2017

Rewriting Kansas City Royals World Series History To Move Forward Without Eric Hosmer

EXCEPTIONALLY insightful report shows us how stories and ideas shape our world, even the Kansas City sports world that must now reject the legends of the past in order to remain competitive. Read more:

Kansas City Royals: Narrative of Eric Hosmer as overrated will help team

Scott Boras has tried his hardest to control the offseason narrative surrounding Eric Hosmer, highlighted by his Playoffville soliloquy when the owners and general managers convened last month. In spite of that - or maybe spurred on by his brazen praise for Hosmer - there is still a sizable portion of the baseball community who think teams would be smart to stay clear of the Kansas City Royals first baseman this offseason.


Anonymous said...


Guess that these brilliant guys should have thought about that with Alex Gordon.
At least Hosmer acts like wants to play the game.

Anonymous said...

2015 was a wonderful year.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

^^^Can't believe your still alive. With that mouth, you should have been killed long ago!