Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Rage Against MO Money For Superintendents

Closer look at big bucks that aren't spent in the classroom . . . Checkit:

Missouri schools are spending more on superintendent pay, other non-classroom costs

Missouri school spending on administration costs, such as superintendent salaries, is growing more quickly than spending on instruction, according to a report released Monday by state Auditor Nicole Galloway's office. From 2011 to 2016, school districts increased their administration spending per student by 14 percent, while spending on instruction increased just 9 percent.


Anonymous said...

Learn something from corporate business contracts. If you want the bucks you have to meet goals. Obviously KC will never be able to offer that plan as long as the school board is the nemesis creating the roadblocks to success.

Anonymous said...

Ever since the Federal Court Takeover of the Kansas City School District the School Board has only existed for the purpose of spending money.

In what way have they failed?

Anonymous said...

Hickman Mills, one of the poorest performing districts in the metro (if not the poorest) spends all it's money on frills and unnecessary perks for administration. Why did the voters approve the bond scam that did almost nothing for classrooms and everything for more administrators. Even with the remodel of Baptiste to accommodate all new administrative offices (private bathroom for superintendent) there isn't enough room for all the administrators and they are already taking away space that was originally designated for student and family service. Voters should be ashamed to have believed Dr. Carpenter's lies (now taking is snake oil to Lee's Summit) and to approve this wasteful expenditure. They've wasted so much money that they ran out of it and the contractors quit for not getting paid.