Monday, December 04, 2017

Pulling Kansas City Monday Night News Links

Heavyweight hottie Ashley is in training for the holidays and tonight her EPIC ADVERTISING WORK inspires this quick link look . . .

Kansas City Cold Plunge

Hang on, our temperatures are about to drop like a roller coaster, storms possible

Get out and enjoy your windy Monday while you can. Our temperatures are about to drop like the steep hill of a roller coaster. A cold front is pushing through our area, bringing winter-like weather, and the chance for thunderstorms. Thunderstorms developing along the cold front may produce hail and strong wind gusts, especially near Clinton, Sedalia, and Marshall between 3 p.m.

Kansas City Married To Crime

Photographer loses all her gear and newlyweds left without photos after car break-in

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Tears of joy turned to tears of sadness for one metro bride, and a local photographer is unable to work after all her gear was stolen - including a hard drive with wedding photos on it.

B-Ball Bad Bounce

Ex-NBA player Kermit Washington pleads guilty in fraud case in Kansas City court

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Former NBA player Kermit Washington has pleaded guilty to spending thousands of dollars donated to an African charity he organized on jewelry, vacations and other personal items. Washington, 66, of Las Vegas, played for several NBA teams in the 1970s and 1980s and is best known for throwing a punch that fractured Houston Rockets player Rudy Tomjanovich's face and left him unconscious during a 1977 game.

Kansas City Tech Talk

KC media lawyer breaks down how FCC eliminating net neutrality could affect your internet access

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Net neutrality. In the last couple of weeks, it's probably popped up in your Newsfeed or Timeline with memes, videos or posts urging you to take action. As it currently exists, you can access all the internet you want, any site you want, at relatively the same speed.

Meth Town Murder Vigil Tonight
Vigil held for victims at Independence apartment complex
And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Public Service Announcement said...

JUST IN: U.S. Supreme Court Permits Full Enforcement Of Travel Ban

Bryon and the snowflakes all piss their pants in anger

Byron Funkhouser said...

I am angry, but I am not pissing my pants.

We have guaranteed that the "war on terror" will never end.

They have won the propaganda war. They can recruit from this clear irrational hatred of Muslims.

Some one tell Der Fuhrer the difference between a Sunni & a Shia, because he doesn't understand that the Shia's are our allies in this war against Sunni's.

Anonymous said...

Please explain, Byron.

ISIS are rabid, far-out Sunnis that hate and kill both Sunnis and Shia.

Sunni nations are Saudi Arabia, most Gulf monarchies, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia, Kurds in Iraq, etc.

Shia nations and allies are primarily Iran, Iraq (now basically a client state of Iraq after 2010), Huthi rebels in Yemen, Ba'ath ruling party in Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon

"Shia's are our allies in this war against Sunni's."?

Anonymous said...

Is that the real picture of the vigil?

Anonymous said...

It is a real photo of the ICE agents that will be there cleaning up things.

Anonymous said...

Judging by Byron's nonresponse, apparently he tacitly acknowledges his ignorance about the Sunni/Shia relationship.