Saturday, December 02, 2017


Saturday starts with an early morning victory for the right.

It's uncertain if a lower corporate tax rate and a wide array of spending cuts will spark economic growth as promised but there's still no denying the political accomplishment amid uncertain times for the current White House Administration.

Check the links:

New York Times: Senate Passes Sweeping Republican Tax Overhaul Bill

CBS: Senate passes Republican tax reform bill in early morning vote

BBC: Trump victory as Senate backs tax overhaul

Vox: Republican leaders promise they won’t let their tax bill trigger a $25 billion cut to Medicare

AP: Senate OKs tax bill as Trump, GOP near big legislative win

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Anonymous said...

we don't need their help. We've got 25 million tourists every week.

Anonymous said...

You have just been fucked by the Senate.

Ignore the man behind the curtain. We have full confidence that the business tax cuts will add zillions to the economy and every family will have a chicken in every pot and two cars in every garage... or at least two chickens in every garage.

Anonymous said...

It will help a lot of our engineers making say 50 - 150 it would seem.

Same for similarly compensated tech and it employees.

That should be good for kc overall.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ If you really believe your bullshit feller just donate your tax cut dollars to the DNC and post the receipt. Of course if all you have are entitlements and don't pay taxes I suppose you are pissed because there aren't more handouts in the tax bill.

Anonymous said...

Can he declare bankruptcy and walk away now?

Anonymous said...

Did Claire vote for it?

Anonymous said...

Soon to be the former senator.

Anonymous said...

Going to hire a new person thanks to the subchapter S reduction in taxes, thank you Republicans. Now voting straight ticket for Repubs in 2018.

Anonymous said...

10:04 (#1): More alternative facts from an alternative universe.

There were more than enough handouts in the bill, thank you. Hope your spawn will be happy when the bill comes due.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this will be the tax cut for the rich that finally starts that trickle down we've been hearing about for nearly 40 years.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Kansas tax policy, Reagan and Geo. W. tried it and it worked great. Now if you really believe it works, look up the word recession. Regardless, it's the common people that once again will have to bend over nd grab their ankles and say "Oh please Republicans don't stick it up too far.

Anonymous said...

It's rich to see all these born-again deficit hawks that have been MIA for the past decade.

Anonymous said...

It's rich to see the "we're Greece" crowd flip flop on the evils of debt, again.

Fiscally conservative, my ass.

Anonymous said...

With all this new corporate money for the workers, do I need to ask my boss for a raise on Monday, or do they just increase my wages automatically?

GOP says that's how it works. Get ready for lavish trickle down in your paychecks. Raises and bonus for everyone! Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...


Maybe Mexican laborers' wages will go up to $3.10 when they get all that outsourced work.

Anonymous said...

No raise for you 11:06, because you're a moron.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^Ooooh! Clever! I bet you shot your wad with that comeback.

Anonymous said...

Trickle-down economics works just fine.

Anonymous said...

Brownback wrecked Kansas and is leaving the country because of the same tax plan.

Anonymous said...

No 1:21, I shot my wad inside your wife's pussy. Said she enjoyed much more than she does with your limp dick.

Anonymous said...

Don't mean to sound like a Cuck but thank you!

Anonymous said...

You two can suck each others dicks later but let's talk about Brownbacks disastrous Tax Cuts that destroyed the Kansas economy. This is Trickle Down Economics 3.0 that got all these militia's fired up over the past 30 years but they just don't want to admit their team was in on it.

Anonymous said...

2001 - 2008 : Surplus replaced with trillion dollar annual deficits. Dick Cheney says "deficits don't matter".

2009 - 2017: Let the economy go bankrupt, sequester, unfunded liabilities!, $20 trillion!, shut down the government to get the bond agencies to downgrade US credit rating, buy gold, we're Greece, collapse is coming. In other words, we must take the credit card away from the Kenyan Muslim black guy.

Last night: Nevermind. Donors, special interests & multinationals: line up at the cash machine and bring your biggest wheel barrel.

See a pattern? Similar to what happened during the 80's and 90's. GOP borrow, borrow, borrow and spend. Then the Democrat in the White House actually brings down the annual deficit spending.

Anonymous said...

3:10, Obama doubled the national debt during his term of office. Is that what you mean by bringing down annual deficit spending?

Anonymous said...

John Maynard Keynes: “Nor should the argument seem strange that taxation may be so high as to defeat its object, and that, given sufficient time to gather the fruits, a reduction of taxation will run a better chance, than an increase, of balancing the budget."

Anonymous said...

You 2:48, we'd rather listen to you spread partisan bullshit - not!

Anonymous said...

3:21 - yeah you KCMO remedial.

From your own link. Read it this time. You've flunked this course repeatedly. This is your last tutoring. If you can't read or understand math, give up and go cruising at the mall with Judge Moore for some prime underage action. That is if your not embarrassed by a 14 year old also knowing more about debt than you.

Read closely Sparky, the trend for Obama was DOWN. Annual deficits went from over $1 trillion annually in 2009 to under half a trillion annually at the end of Obama's eight years.

FY 2009 - Even though the budget had been approved, Congress added emergency funding to stop the Great Recession. It added the first year's worth of spending from Obama's Economic Stimulus Act to the FY 2009 budget. That $253 billion accrues to Obama.
FY 2010 - Obama's first budget created a $1.294 trillion deficit.
FY 2011 - This budget contributed $1.3 trillion to the debt.
FY 2012 - The deficit was $1.087 trillion.
FY 2013 - This was the first Obama budget where the deficit, $679 billion, was less than $1 trillion. Thank sequestration, which forced a 10 percent cut in spending.
FY 2014 - The deficit was $485 billion.
FY 2015 - The deficit fell further, to $438 billion.
FY 2016 - The deficit is expected to be $600 billion
FY 2017 - The deficit is projected to be $441 billion.

When the deficits from all these budgets are added together, President Obama increased the debt by $6.576 trillion.

You can go now. Don't keep the judge and little girls waiting.

Anonymous said...

2:14: I hope you had fun plowing through all those pounds of fat. You must like 'em ugly.

Anonymous said...

@7:10 PM – you’ve just proven that you’re the biggest idiot on TKC, and that’s saying something. Not only are you math-deficient, you’re a liar too.

1) “From your own link.” LIAR – THAT’s NOT THE LINKS THAT I PROVIDED!! On the TKC article titled “Yoder Defends GOP Tax Cut Bill”, dated 1 December 07:09, I provided 2 links: This link covers the first 7 budgetary years of Obama. Added $7.917 trillion to U.S. debt. This covered the 8th budgetary year of Obama. Added $0.879 T to U.S. debt.

$7.917 T + $0.879 T = $8.796 Trillion added to U.S. debt under Obama.

2) Crosscheck #1 - Beginning of term: $11.657 T. End of term: $20.453 T

3) Crosscheck #2 by googling “national debt increased by how much under Obama”: › Investing › US Economy › National Debt. “The U.S. debt increased $9 trillion during the 8 years Obama was in office.” “Thus, the national debt under Obama will have grown by about $9 trillion…”

4) “the trend for Obama was down. Annual deficits went from over $1 trillion annually in 2009 to under half a trillion annually at the end of Obama’s eight years.” You conveniently left off the fact of what the annual DEFICITS HAD BEEN PRIOR TO OBAMA: the majority between $500T and $600T. So budget deficits soared in FY 2008 and 2009 (as Democrats controlled both houses of Congress) and under the beginning years of Obama, THEN the deficits returned to the comparatively lower levels.

You can return to your cave and study remedial math. Don’t mind Bob Menendez with his dick in your ass, Al Franken fondling your man boobs, and John Conyers slapping your ass around.

Anonymous said...

Can't help you KCMO remedial. I don't have to google shit. You linked to, which I used.

Changing your numbers, definitions, and then pulling 3 different links to jumble them all up - just makes you desperate (and still wrong). It's fun to watch you contradict and debate yourself. By the way, FY2008 and FY2009 included Bush's $700 billion bank bailout signing (his debt) and revenues crashing from Bush policies wreaking the economy, not some new Democratic agenda. We can now add history deficient to your math and reading ineptitude.

You want to bring up Menendez and his rumored linked at the Lolita Express? Guess you didn't realize Trump has frequent flyer miles there. It's easy to miss. Between the visits backstage to walk in on undressed Miss Teen USA girls, making a pee tape, and a long list of self admitted world wide pussy grabbing; it's difficult to keep up with all of his sexual abuse. Or maybe you're jealous because you can't afford the expensive underage ass like your hero.

Now go grab some David Vitter prostitute proof diapers at the mall. Don't keep Judge Moore waiting. Those girls won't be 14 forever.

Anonymous said...

^^^ you fucking sack of shit. You did NOT post the link I provided. The link YOU provided didn't include Obama's last budget year. I also provided TWO INDEPENDENT links that supported the widely accepted Obama national debt totals and DISPROVED yours. All these different sources that DISPEL your total must be part of a massive conspiracy to demonstrate that you are incompetent in both basic math and reading comprehension.

After you clumsily added in the Moore reference, you're all triggered that I respond back with the myriad of SUBSTANTIATED Democratic Congressional sexual predator incidents? Hey Einstein - Vitter wasn't sexual harassment. But you've previously demonstrated that you are incapable of elementary analytical reasoning, so it's not surprising.

Good luck tomorrow morning, trolling at the school bus stop.

Anonymous said...

YOU posted as a source and disproved nothing that I copied from your referenced website. The only thing you proved is that you are still a moron.

$500T to $600T??? Really? You think the annual deficits before Obama were 500,000,000,000,000 or more? Here's a little math lesson, $500T is half a Quadrillion. The entire world's net wealth is less than that.

Maybe you meant $500 B(illion). Also written as $0.5 Trillion (as in with a decimal (d-e-c-i-m-a-l) to represent half a trillion). Those are numbers and it's called math or counting. Hey, guess it's not your fault. Generously, you can probably only get to 20 when your hands are free and are not wearing socks. Maybe a little higher if you carry teeth in your pocket, you fuckin' hillbilly.

Your trigger is apparently solicitation, which I've discovered from responding to your clumsy UNsubstantiated Menendez addition. So I won't expand on David Vitter's self admission (which since you and the GOP don't seem to realize it - I'll point it out - hiring a prostitute is still illegal and can be prosecuted. But here's a golf clap for at least soliciting someone of legal age) and not further mention Larry Craig.

We'll stick to your underage predator heroes Dennis Hastert and Mark Foley. Or your harasser heroes Bob Packwood, Clarence Thomas, Rep. Tim Murphy or your latest star (complete with taxpayer funded hush money) Congressman Blake Farenthold. You could enjoy a hell of a circle jerk with your heroes.

Now go get your fuckin' shinebox and get to the mall. The girls aren't getting any younger. If that's not your thing, just go to the restroom, take a wide stance, and let three shoe taps echo from the stall. You should get the satisfaction you so sorely need.

Anonymous said...

^^^ I posted AN ARTICLE from the, and you pulled A DIFFERENT article from them. No different than if I pulled an article from the New York Times, and you pulled a different article.

The $9 Trillion total for the total of Obama's contribution to the national debt is a FACT, and easily verified from a Google search. And still you stick with your $6 T total? So are you also a member of the Flat Earth Society? ROFLMAO

Good catch on my typo of "T" instead of a "B". So address the point - Obama drastically increased the annual federal deficits, and only brought them back to previous levels at the end of his term.

Your desperation and infatuation with the sexual predation cases is pathetic. Non sequitur arguments seem to fit with your ongoing inability to analyze. Apparently you not only prey on young kids, you have the same level of intellectual maturity as them too.

Anonymous said...

You fucking loser. I don't have to debate you. You argue with yourself and can't even stick to a single number.

So back to your page and post, "Obama Added $7.917 trillion to U.S. debt."

Oh, here's a better link, it was $8.796 trillion.

No what, here's a better google, it's $9 trillion.

If you read the article, oops forgot you can't read, you would see $9 trillion is the simpleton method that lacks basic accuracy about budgeting. Or maybe you did try to understand in this epic failed attempt at debate, and that's why you posted different numbers.

I can't explain a basic concept to someone that doesn't understand that tripling is more than doubling, or mixes up billions and trillion as a rounding error. You don't understand FY vs calendar year, or can even read a calendar to assign credit for policy. Annual deficits exploded under Bush in FY2008 and 2009 (NOT Obama) and were brought back down by the 4th year of Obama, not the end of his term. You think Bush's bank bailout bill, written by his treasury secretary Hank Paulson, was a Democrat sponsored agenda.

You can just go fuck yourself 500 billion or 500 trillion times. Whichever is larger.