Obamacare Crackdown On Kansas City Metro Hospital Treatment For Po'Folk Continues

Here's follow-up reporting regarding the ongoing political slapfight over baseline care for the broke-ass which is standard in every other industrialized nation in the world. Read more:

KU and Truman hospitals are hit with controversial Medicare penalty again

The University of Kansas Hospital and Truman Medical Center are among 751 hospitals nationwide that will have their Medicare payments docked 1 percent as a penalty for preventable complications. It's the fourth straight year that the two hospitals will be subject to the penalty, which was enacted as part of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.


  1. Quit blaming the system if your making things worse, it sounds to me like they’re more worried about their reputations than anything

  2. Probably isn't a problem with the patients not following the instructions they have been given.....

  3. If this happens once then your excuse that it's hard to treat the indigent patient population is difficult then ok. But when it continues to occur, you can no longer use that excuse. What is KU going to do about it, what is the solution. This VP sounds like some one who collects a check but is not creative enough to come up with solutions.

    These are patients lives that are being entrusted to these institutions and these hospitals are making them sicker than they arrived, and all they have is excuses. Shouldnt be acceptable, it's not acceptable. Until these hospitals decide to prevent HAI's and come up with a multi pronged plan, this will remain the same. It's very unfortunate because there are hospitals around the country with the same patient population that don't have these issues because they have decided to do what's right instead of saving a buck here and there.

  4. St Lukes booted my aunt out after a week and sent her to a shit hole nursing home that then sent here home with bedsores.

    Lawsuit pending.

    Updates soon...

  5. I don't think people in the metro grasp how fucking shitty KU Med is.

  6. What a ridiculous generalization. How can you possibly say an entire hospital is no good? Stupid.


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