Never Forget: The Guy Who Wrote 'Christmas In Kansas City' Later Killed Himself

Brad Millison recorded "Christmas In Kansas City" back in 1982 as part of a charity 45 vinyl record benefiting Project Warmth. The throaty classic earned it's real fame in the 90s when corporate radio reintroduced the tune to a new generation of holiday season d-bags listening to 24-Hour-A-Day Christmas Radio starting in November.  Also in the 90s, Mr. Millison killed himself rather than continue working as a back-up singer in Las Vegas and coming back to Kansas City enjoy holiday season fame.

The TKC Christmas wish for this year is that sometime in the next 12 months, there's a new local holiday classic without the depressing backstory.

Or maybe just the quieting of so much (equally horrible) Midtown KC gunfire would also be nice.

You decide . . .

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


  1. A worthwhile project for Tech N9ne or maybe Mac Lethal.

    1. A bit macabre but i hear what you're saying . Update and stay current.

  2. Lean the gunfire alone. It is gradually eliminating hood rats.

  3. Christmas thins the heard, lots of fatties clogging up their arteries this weekend too.

    Keeping eating!

    1. It’s herd, not heard. If you’re going to be a smartass, at least use proper spelling and grammar. And please be more creative than replying by calling me a faggot or grammar bitch.

  4. ^^^^How sad. 10:51PM on Christmas Eve. All alone?

  5. Absolutely not @10:51 - Your wife and daughter are here playing with my jingle bells.

    It's gonna be a good great night. Gonna get real cuddly and warm.

    Wait till we get to the package I have for them! Give us your e-mail address, we'll send you some photos. Wait here all night on TKC for them, he's just sitting around waiting to gloat about another stupid murder


  6. When did it become cool to be an asshole blogger and make light of someone who killed themselves? If you were my son, I'd change my name to shed the baggage of so much embarrassment.

    1. And yet you are here reading this blog.

  7. I actually think the song is pretty good and still holds up. Maybe an update and a cover would be good?

  8. Jack Off Frost KC12/24/17, 11:40 PM

    ^^^ Please kill yourself @11:31.


  9. #MeToo Kansas City12/24/17, 11:52 PM

    Santa RAPED ME tonight. I don't know what you fools are thinking letting some strange fat son of a bitch break into your house.

    SHAME on you!

    I'm home from college and have to navigate so many jerks and dating danger in that environment but tonight, sleeping in my own bed, thinking happy thoughts about Christmas morning. That "jolly" fat man snuck into my room and had his way with me.


    With mouth stuff too.

    I finally started fight back and bite when he wanted to eat his ass. I don't care if smelled like cookie dough.

    Damn you Santa. You will pay for this!

    This cannot stand.

    You're a rapist Santa and you will pay for what you have done. I'm not dreaming of your sugar plums any more. I am #Woke and will do my best to find you get justice. Does Mrs. Claus know what a pervert you are, how you whip those defenseless deer.

    This must stop.

    #MeToo Santa. THIS is why women have stayed silent night after night. You'd rather protect your some shit bag who brings cheap toys than the women they rape. MULTIPLE WOMEN. You messed with the wrong woman. Good luck trying to silence me.

    1. Take your meds.

      Sounds like you did a "fall on your knees" and heard the Hillary dog whistle.

      Grow up. Douche.

  10. Should've done it in '81. Could've saved the world from that musical travesty. Hell, I'd kill myself too if that were credited to me.

  11. ^^^^ Gender challenged, unemployed substitute special education teacher, grammer bitch on SSI.


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