Friday, December 01, 2017

Nasty Kansas City East High School Charges

After a lack of accreditation progress . . . This latest allegation of impropriety should have local questioning the current course of a long-suffering school district. Read more:

East High School teacher under investigation for alleged sex act with student

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Police are investigating after an East High School student told a school official she performed a sex act on a teacher. That revelation came in a Nov. 20 report taken by a Kansas City, Mo., police officer at the school.


Anonymous said...

East High School?
Who'd have ever thought it?

Don Cardinal said...

Public, private schools you can't out run the perverts,east just in a hood setting

Anonymous said...

This isn’t anything new, the problem has always been there, it was probably worse in the old days but it was never reported, at least now something is being done about it. It’s a huge problem in college and nothing will ever be done about that

Anonymous said...

So who wouldn't give a blowjob for an "A"?

Anonymous said...

Learning a more marketable skill than KCMO school district can offer.