Sunday, December 03, 2017

Motorcycle Dude Critical After HORRIFIC Southwest Trafficway Kansas City Crash

Update on a tragic scene in Midtown Saturday night that stalled traffic and took out a great many tires in the aftermath. Take a look:

Motorcyclist in life-threatening condition after accident

A motorcyclist is in life-threatening condition after a crash.


Anonymous said...

Well, the "Donorcycles" strike again! The only unusual feature of this accident is that two vehicles were involved, since the NTSB statistics show that well over 90% of all Motorcycle Fatalities at single-vehicle incidents.

Sorry to be so cynical, and I do have sympathy for the young man and his Family as well as the driver of the automobile, but this is an outcome that had a high likelihood. What are the odds that the motorcyclist was obeying the Speed Limit and "proceeding in a safe and prudent manner"?

Think they're safe? Easy to test, raise the kickstand, let go of the Bike, and see what happens! Lots of Luck, enjoy the Thrill while you still can!

Anonymous said...

Loud pipes widow wives.

Anonymous said...

Motorcycles think they ow the road until they run into something. Almost as dumb as Jeep owners.

Anonymous said...

So you're saying you always obey the speed limit? These articles are BS. Anyone who knows southwest trafficway knows how busy it usually is. Hard to believe someone would go that fast at 5pm on a Saturday. Also not sure what kind of dumb ass drivers stop on a busy road for a car to pull out and wait to turn. People going northbound have the right away so why stop for someone? Hard to believe. Makes no sense. Don't see how the Nissan wasn't at fault.

Anonymous said...

You cannot turn left at 38th. The car was making an illegal left hand turn across on coming traffic.