More Legal Fights Confront Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar 2018

The New Year will start with debate over fate of the toy train after Question 1 victory assured a citywide vote for any expansion. Here's the latest from streetcar advocates who are attempting to overturn that decision by voters:

KC Streetcar | KC Streetcar Update | December 2017

At the time of distribution, this update provides the latest information on current activity related to the KC Streetcar. Read this edition of the KC Streetcar Update.


  1. Fuck the worthless toy train

  2. Wow man. It's like we's almost catchin up to Portland!

  3. Hey KCMO do it the easy way all the way to Zona Rose:

  4. China is going for another world’s first with their new ‘ART’ train design which mixes bus, tram and train all in one. Except instead of following the usual metal rails, it follows the dotted white lines painted on the road.

  5. China doesn't have Pick-em-up Truck Bullies or Ghetto Hoopties breaking speed limits, ignoring stop lights and wandering from lane to lane.

    Besides, there is an ordinance that NOTHNG can be done without City-Wide voter approval, remember?

  6. Those numbers for November are suspect. How do we know they are correct? And, we've had a fairly mild Fall which boosts the ridership a little. Check the numbers in January when the wind chill drops. Standing around waiting for a tram to take you nowhere? Huh...


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