Friday, December 15, 2017

Missouri & Kansas News Right Now . . .

These posts are never very popular but that doesn't man they're not important. Here's a glimpse at some of the top stories from Show-Me & Sunflower States.


Show-Me Monsanto Crop Damage

Missouri Fines Farmers for Spraying a Damaging Herbicide

Missouri has issued its first fines over the misuse of dicamba, a farm chemical that was linked to widespread U.S. crop damage this year.

Kansas Warns Against Food Crisis
Kansas State University officials say food supply threatened
Democrats Sorta Replacing Kobach

Two Democrats preparing campaigns for Kansas secretary of state

A Democratic state senator from Lawrence formed an exploratory committee and appointed a treasurer Thursday to move forward with a campaign for Kansas secretary of state. The position is being vacated by Republican Kris Kobach, who is seeking the GOP nomination for governor in 2018. The secretary of state is the chief elections officer.

Another Life Lesson From The Guv

Greitens' picks to State Board of Education accelerate commissioner search process

With the task of going through a state Senate confirmation process approaching, Gov. Eric Greitens' picks to the Missouri State Board of Education successfully sped up the process of finding an education commissioner over the objections of the board's president.

Show-Me Prez Trump Tax Cut Fact Check
FACT CHECK: Trump misses mark on Missouri unemployment rate
And this is another OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Do black people count against our unemployment rate? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

I am not a Trump supporter but the economy has improved under Trump. Unemployment, the stock market and housing have all improved since he has been president but you would never know it from media coverage.
They like to downplay anything positive about Trump because of their liberal bias it but if the economy was bad it would be front page news.

Anonymous said...

Did you steal that T-shirt out of Jason Kinder’s closet?

Anonymous said...

^^^Thanks for that in depth economic analysis. Your eagle-eye sharpness about all things financial has been comprehensive. Can you tell me which of Trump's policy initiatives has been the most beneficial to our economy? See that's a trick question, because there have been none. Can you explain the difference in the economy under Obama and now under Trump? Because what you are seeing is really a continuation of Obama's economic policy. Did you know or realize that we are actually close to full employment? That any gains from here on out will be minimal? I bet you didn't. Sure the stock market is up, as it was for the 8 years under Obama. Can you specifically cite any of Trump's economic policy wins?.....(crickets). How's the coal industry doing? That was one of his big ideas member? He's bring back coal miner's jobs! Ugh...let's see mines are closed and they are all out of work. It's a dead industry, but it sounds good to rubes like you doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Obama who ?

Anonymous said...

8:27 must work for CNN

Anonymous said...

9:12 nice comeback, solid, just ignore the questions posed.

Anonymous said...

Trump should have known that a state packed full of boons would never have a low unemployment rate. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Actually @ 10:56 yours is a somewhat misleading comment.
Boons are not "unemployed", that word implies that they once actually worked, but in reality they are now in the fourth or fifth generation that has never known anyone who ever had a job.

I do not include the majority of African Americans in the category of "boons", the vast majority of them are a hard working as anyone else, and often accomplish that in the face of difficulties others do not have to face.

Your "Boon", on the other hand, has no conception of what the word "work" means, and I for one feel that the label "boon" needs to not be restricted to any one ethnic group, but should apply to a much broader range of worthless lumps of "protoplasm in shoes".

Byron Funkhouser said...

Good comment 8:27.

How's the coal industry doing?

A local coal mine here just laid off 260.

Anonymous said...



KSU Grant funding grab.

There is no actual issue, just a fear tactic for a money grab.

useless research

Anonymous said...

12:08 Thank you so much for the education...fucktard! Now here is a little education for you. Boons is short for baboons. Please make your to make notes.

Anonymous said...

Gosh,@ 8:21 -thanks!
We could never have guessed that, just as we could never have deduced that "OT" is short for "Sh1t-eating Little Halfwit SNOT"!