Saturday, December 02, 2017

Meet Kansas City 'Couples Court' Legal Eagle Power Couple Reality TV Stars In The Making

Apparently, "Couples Court" is a big deal for those who still watch TV . . . The "stars" are based here in Kansas City and before more cynical readers knock their reality TV background, remember that the current Prez was pushed toward the pinnacle of American power by way of a game show . . .

Saving the Drama for the Courtroom

Because marriage is an ever-evolving experience, we constantly shift, change, love harder, love less and, in some cases, start over. In It's No Secret, a new feature, T he Times highlights couples who share thoughts about commitment and what they have learned about themselves and each other along the way .


Anonymous said...

That article was incredibly boring.

Anonymous said...

An older black couple, that is a new one on me !