Monday, December 18, 2017


#BetterKCI better get ready for an EPIC war of words as Team Sly prepares to take on the City Council in this BILLION-DOLLAR-GAME that still provides very few deets for taxpayers. Meanwhile, Edgemoor is still sending out desperate messages to keep the contract. Here's the new contender stepping up - Take a look: AECOM to provide update on KCI terminal project


Anonymous said...

This is the week Sly plays the race card against black councilmen.

It should be fun to watch.

Jobu said...

Can we just get this over with and oil up Sly and Quinton to wrestle to the death in the Sprint Center?

That would move this process along much faster so we can FINALLY get a Cinnabon at the airport. PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

The real question is, after all grifters, consultants, facilitators, special interest groups, insiders, and others get their takes, will there be any money left to actually build an airport terminal?
Even if you start with over a billion dollars?
When the lawsuits over how this fiasco has been handled from the start start coming it will be a lawyer's dream.
And you wonder why no other local governments want to have anything to do with KCMO?
The Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight on the plains.

Hyperblogal said...

The airport and convention hotel messes just go to show that it's harder now to build something you don't need than it used to be.

Anonymous said...

It’s time the council knocked sLIE the fuck out, he’s been abusing his power for too long now.

Anonymous said...

Just wait, I'm going to put some money on the line... When the airport is built, we WILL have USB chargers at every seat (shouldn't be too bad, looks like there's only about 50 of 'em in the renderings). BUT, and it's a big'un, there will be credit card readers at each USB port for pay-by-the-minute charging. 'Cause, you know that electricity don't generate itself, someone's gotta pay for it.

Anonymous said...

I say keep slapping sLIE until he gets the message that he isn’t in charge, the council is. This is exactly why the mayor can’t have any power because this asswipe has been abusing it