Friday, December 29, 2017

Maybe Sen. McCaskill Might Be Harder To Beat Than The Missouri GOP Expects???

Great read that should be of interest to denizens on both sides of the aisle and offers some behind the scenes insight into what will be the most contentious elections of 2018 . . .

Post-Dispatch: Is Claire McCaskill really the underdog she claims to be in Senate race?


McCaskill declared herself the underdog through much of ’17. But that claim became harder to defend as the year progressed. The forecast got sunnier for Democrats nationally, and events in Missouri reshaped McCaskill’s Republican opposition and the political tenets of 2018.

McCaskill had robust fundraising in 2017, pulling in roughly a million dollars a month. Even though she tries to disown them, outside spending groups are already running advertisements on her behalf, and preparing to pour tens of millions of dollars of messaging into TV and social media platforms . . .

McCaskill held 50 town halls in 2017 — many in rural parts of the state — that allowed her to burnish claims that she’s willing to practice Show-Me politics in towns where she may not be that popular.

And perhaps most importantly of all, Rep. Ann Wagner, R-Ballwin, a veteran politician in a state tilting toward her party, decided not to run for Senate, surprising virtually everyone but Wagner.

In stepped Attorney General Josh Hawley and three lesser-known Republican primary opponents — none of whom have the experience of candidates that McCaskill has faced in two previous Senate victories.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

If she wins it won’t be my fault, dummocrats will vote for her like mad. They get what they deserve with this crook

Anonymous said...

Constituents will find out just how worthless MCCrapskill is when they call upon her office with a problem involving bonefied government misconduct.

Retro ROCKER said...

She needs the southwest Missouri voters. It will be close, Many of those voters have had it with Clair. And you can't trust polls. Many of the conservative voters don't answer the phone to participate in a poll. .They are to busy working and taking care of there children.

Anonymous said...

Yup, Retro Rocker has spoken, McCaskill doesn't stand a chance!

Oh, by the way Retro, old Buddy, you meant to say "They are TOO busy working and taking care of THEIR children", didn't you?
Thought so, thanks for the pronouncement, bye-bye now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the grammar lesson, liberal douchebag. MsCaskill is a less likable and possibly less honest version of Hillary. Missourians will be smart enough to reject this rich crooked power monger. Socialism fails every where it is practiced.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, sorrrry - didn't mean to hurt your feelings!

You're right of course, I hope Missourians will be smart enough to reject a rich crooked power monger, especially one so damned hungry for that power that he ignores the duties of the office he has just been elected to completely so he can run around campaigning for another office he hasn't even been nominated to run for.

But, you and yours won't care, you'll just continue to drink the koolade and vote the way you're told o matter how many times you get sold down the river so the 1% can grab a few more pennies.

By the way, dude, half of Europe is officially "Socialist", and eight of those evil "Socialist" countries have a higher standard of living for their citizens than we do! And no, I won't move there because I love this Country, and I've fought for this Country, and I've even bled a little for this Country, and I intend to stay and fight against those of you who want to drag this country back to the darkest days of McCarthyism and the governmental misfeasance of Hoover and the "Red Menace" scares!

If you claim to be a "Conservative", that word means you like the Status Quo, so if you don't like the way the Country is, take your own advice, leave it, and improve the hell out of this place.