Sunday, December 03, 2017

Massive Spy Camera Surveillance Across Kansas City Supposedly Focused On Potholes Despite Typically Shoddy Local Streets

As we enter into the season of potholes, streets outside of the loop are still the the usual state of disrepair with steel plates and tire killing ditches serving as part of the local landscape . . . However, a recent missive touting more so-called "smart city" garbage attempt to convince readers that cameras monitoring 51 city blocks in KCMO are somehow focus on street repair that's uncommon for any resident who lives outside of the Downtown loop.

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Potholes are the latest problem to be felled by sensors and algorithms

IN THE grand scheme of things, potholes may seem like a trivial problem. But tell that to the many mayors and local politicians whose success is judged by their ability to keep roads free of them. One such, Alfonse D'Amato, an American politician, was nicknamed "Senator Pothole" by his grateful constituents.


Anonymous said...

If they’re smart all 51 of those cameras are in the hood, but then again, there have been “dummy” cameras on street lights all over the city for years

Anonymous said...

Actually, reducing potholes and the damage they do to vehicles can be addressed by appropriate municipal government priorities, planning, preventive maintenance, and good management.
NONE of which are in evidence in KCMO.
But at least now you'll be able to keep track of where all the potholes are on your smartphone!

Anonymous said...

They always tell you to call 311 but those people are too stupid to get the info to the right dept. the management over there is a 1000% at fault for their ignorance, plus, sLIE wants his money spent on his priorities like downtown, hotels, airport and toy train, everybody else is screwed

Anonymous said...

How is a camera gonna fix a pothole? Why waste money there when it could be spent fixing the holes

Anonymous said...

And this coming from a city that’s makes its employees sign in on a time clock that takes your picture and uses your fingerprint to time in, where and what happens to all this info? Big brother anyone?