Sunday, December 24, 2017

Mary Sanchez Stands Up To Twitter Trolls

Not really . . . She's offering media advice to a global platform while she has earned only a handful of people who are engaging with her content. Here's a local pundit encouraging somebody else to take a brave stance that she wouldn't be able to live up to. Take a look:

Why Twitter shouldn't ban white supremacists and other extremists

Glory Hallelujah, you might proclaim, righteous voices for harmony within our increasingly diverse nation have overcome hate. It's safe to say that Americans of all races were mortified in 2017 to see video of thugs marching with lit torches through the streets of Charlottesville, Va.


chuck said...

Mary is correct, Free Speech is the cornerstone of a Free American Nation and the suppression of Free Speech and the Right to Assemble, is antithetical to an open and free society. The irony here is that Mary's blinkered, myopic, silo-Socialist-shit-for-brains emphasis, as always, neglects to use examples far more readily available from the left, than from the right.

Dredging up the now 25 year old attack by Timothy McVeigh which she says was based on White Supremacy, she writes, I assume, with either a straight face, or, as usual, laughing up her sleeves at we soon to be replaced white "Deplorables", "The nation further took its eye off of such domestic terrorism after Sept. 11, believing that foreign terrorists were the more urgent threat."

That might be, because foreign terrorists were, are and will be, for the remainder of our lifetimes and that of our children, a far more serious threat, as is evidenced by the facts, the numbers, the incidences and the dead, a "more urgent threat".

But Mary doesn't take her eye off of the "Let's all hate Whitey" ball for a second.

"It’s safe to say that Americans of all races were mortified in 2017 to see video of thugs marching with lit torches through the streets of Charlottesville, Va. The mob of mostly white young men chanted all sorts of hatred against Jews, blacks and immigrants. It was a bone-chilling spectacle for many who thought such movements were relics of a pre-civil rights era."

While White Supremacists may indeed , personify the definition of "Deplorable", pretending in the very same article, that "Black Lives Matter" scum, who shout for the deaths of cops, while supporters of that same organization actually kill 5 Dallas Cops, and call for white genocide are accorded accolades for their efforts is past any definition of hypocrisy. No surprise here, journalism is in no way Mary's forte, she is an agenda driven shill for Progressive terrorists, Obama-Brown-Shirt-Street-Thugs and the destruction of the middle class white tax payer.

Charlottesville is the Progressive Cri de coeur for Progressives now. the facts are, that the conflict in that city was encouraged, aided and abetted by a Progressive police department and the two groups were funneled into a geographical point that guaranteed conflict.

Violence, with few exceptions, especially in the last few years, has been a usefull tool of the Progressive Left, which has enjoyed defacto permission from the Federal Government to inflict damage, physical and financial on the American middle class. From the IRS, to the FBI and DOJ and all Federal Arms of the Deep State, we are, as a people, under siege from Fascist usurpers like Mary, who would like the FBI at Ruby Ridge and at Waco, would kill those who stand in the way of a Statist, Socialist, Central Government, that sucks the life out of us, by way of the will of unelected bureaucrats, who feast at the trough of our taxes and subvert the will of the people in favor of those of high station in the DC Beltway Cathedral.

Listen long enough, Progressives will tell you what they want, they want you dead and replaced. Occasionally they say it out loud, even Oprah.

It's way past time, for tax payers and hard working folks to face the truth. It's way past time, to return the hatred in kind, in word, deed and in bloody constraint.

Merry Christmas Mary, I hate you too.

Anonymous said...

Just last Wednesday -

"On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial in the infamous 2014 Bunkerville standoff case against rancher Cliven Bundy, his sons Ammon and Ryan, and co-defendant Ryan Payne, on the grounds that federal prosecutors improperly withheld evidence."

Anonymous said...

Don't let this lady get to you, everyone of her editorials is false and full of hate toward white people and conservatives! It's sad we can't even buy the Kansas City Star anymore because of people like Mary Sanchez. She needs to understand that she is free to leave the country whenever she pleases.

Also because of people like Mary Sanchez, and Jenee O., civil war is coming to American soil, they will stop at nothing until it does!

Great post Chuck!

Anonymous said...

I'm not buying any of this bullshit need their Marys or Chuck.

Bowtied Silverback said...

Sorry to say but the Oklahoma attack was based on government over reach,i lived next door to Tim McVeigh in New York for 2 years until his parents divorcws amd he didnt have a racist none in him.

chuck said...

11:03 It WAS outrageous Federal Government over reach.

Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...


For any intelligent individual familiar with the political propaganda passed off as journalism by Mary Sanchez, you must be exclaiming Hallelujah at the prospect of banning her Big Brother Democratic Party talking points.

In this transmission from her Liberal handlers at the DNC/Media Matters, she once again revisits the wholly fabricated incident which was staged in Charlottesville Virginia. While Sanchez declares that white men are a plague upon society, as they all are clearly avowed racists, Neo-Nazis, or some sort of hate-filled white supremacist, she rehashes her typical diatribe of false-flag government attacks (Charlottesville, Oklahoma City, Ruby Ridge, Waco, 9/11). Sanchez is either completely incompetent as a journalist or she is most certainly a disinformation agent.

Charlottesville was a Democratic Party staged scheme attempting to embarrass President Trump by linking him to so-called racial extremists, while simultaneously launching the 2020 presidential campaign of VA Governor Terry McAuliffe. Recall that McAuliffe is a former head of the DNC, and long-time associate of the Clinton Crime Family.

The leadership of this faux race riot included none other than former Obama administration and Democratic Party operative Jason Kessler. Another main player was Richard Spencer, a government intelligence asset, born to a wealthy family, who attended private prep schools, received a B.A. in English Literature and Music, a Masters in Humanities, and was a Ph.D. student at Duke. He travels widely, enjoys multiple homes, and serves as race provocateur for political purposes. This is all public information.

Well before the staged riot, the Mayor of Charlottesville had stated his intent to make the city "ground zero" of the Trump resistance.

The opposing force of protesters at Charlottesville (anti-racist, Antifa) were largely hired by the California-based Crowd Control company which coordinates with political groups to stage these types of events. They train and bus the participants in to the selected site.

Mary Sanchez is a sell-out. In exchange for a paycheck and the vanity of a syndicated column, she spreads political propaganda to infect the minds of the weak. Ban her now!

Anonymous said...

^^ Interesting. But I think people are voting with their subscriptions, and the Star is losing a lot of people on that front.

Anonymous said...

Narly Snatcheeze needs to know more about twatter and twitter.

Anonymous said...

Real journalists discovered the ads soliciting people to act as protestors in Charlottesville, and other locations. Typical compensation is $15/hour, plus reimbursement for travel, meals, parking, etc.
The liberal corporate media were complicit with the Democrats in presenting this staged event as a real incident.
Can you say FAKE NEWS?

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Anonymous said...

As if Black Lives Matter is not full of thugs.

Who ya kiddin?

Anonymous said...

Chuck, 10:23am, 1:31pm, 8:03pm, & others--many Great Americans, of ALL demographics are why Bumbling Bernie, nor Hag Hilly got elected POTUS. Democrims and their Soros funded commie, corrupt Rent-A-Mobs orchestrated enough fake news and staged outrage for several lifetimes. Decent people have been WOKE to taking back the LAND OF LIBERTY from the lunatic libbies and Barry socialists. Enough is enough, of the FUBAR destructive haters of CHRISTIANS, CAPITALISTS, and CONSERVATIVES!

Anonymous said...

How does Dirty Mary Sanchez feel about the neo Nazi shitposting on social media and her girlfriends parents get murdered by him because they don't want their family associated with fascism
. just because Mary Sanchez and the Kansaa City Star doesn't mind being associated with fascism doesn't me we shouldn't support people who wish not to associate with white nationalism.